0-Dark-Thirty and Later

That’s what time it is. Seems like there’s a book out there somewhere with that name on it, perhaps written by a Navy Seal that validates this as a proper time of day. Of course now, at this moment, it’s actually 0-dark-42. I’ve been fiddling around.

The cat stayed out again last night doing only God knows what. When she spends her nights outside she’s always there to run with the dogs when I let them out. She doesn’t let them out of her sight to ensure she’s there to gain access when I open the door for them, but she doesn’t stay long. I’ve been trained, by her claws screeching on the patio door glass, to make sure that door is opened a bit so she can keep an eye on the outside cat food bowl. Doing this makes it far easier for me to enjoy my morning nap because there is no screeching claws. The dogs like it too, because when it get light enough to see outside, they can go out and bark at random things.

This morning, the cat came in acknowledged my presence, gobbled half a cup of her dry food, and the three little treats I always put out for her before I go to bed, then promptly gave it all back, reaffirming my belief that a Puking Cat alarm clock would really work. It’s an unmistakable sound that gets everyone’s attention. I always find it interesting that virtually nothing a cat barfs up has a tooth mark in it. They swallow everything whole which makes all those commercials about how tasty the various kinds of cat food are a bunch of hooey. They don’t care how it tastes. I mean, c’mon, they lick their butts. So, perhaps they would enjoy a nice can of gourmet, butt-flavored cat food once in a while. Then we could toss in a spoon of dog-butt flavored food to change it up for them. That would probably make them puke, however. No, maybe not, because cats just puke on a whim, maybe just for the fun of it, or the noise it makes and how we react to it. Who knows?

I’m sorry I went down that trail. Obviously it’s something that has consumed my attention this morning and I had to rid my brain of it before my morning nap, which I’m going to take right now.

I’ll be back later with more Bathroom success stories … hmm … that brings up an entirely different train of thought than I had in mind. Good title for a blog – “Bathroom Success Stories”. Naw. If I did that I’d just have to hire a lawyer and get a divorce because it would make Diane cranky that I did something like that. So, I’ll stick to the mundane bathroom stories, for now.

<><><><> It’s later, now. Like 10:13 pm. In dog hours, that’s 2213. <><><><>

The bathroom effort resulted in the installation of the sheet rock, to cover up the suspect PEX routing, and the installation of the 2nd sink. Next, for the walls, will be the wainscoting. The sinks will have to come down again for that evolution, but at least they are perfectly useable until that happens.

We also installed two sheets of cement board on the back wall of the tub, so that’s moving along, too. We should be installed the tile just any month now.

While I was slaving away with Daniel on The Bathroom, Diane took Jennie, Cedric, and Lydia to Fred Meyer to buy shoes. It’s a tradition that we buy new shoes for all the kids for the new school year. Jeran doesn’t like shopping and threw up so he wouldn’t have to go. So, they had to guess at what size he wears. All of the kids finally wear shoes bigger than all the adults they know so borrowing is no longer an option. They have to have their own shoes.

When we started this tradition, shoes were reasonably priced. Now they aren’t. I think we’re broke again until the Social Security check shows up.

After terminating The Bathroom project I came home and visited with the dogs for a bit before taking a short nap. I actually didn’t nap, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed just sitting here doing nothing. It was awesome.

Diane finally got home around 6:30 pm, with a Papa Murphy’s pizza. I already had the  over warmed up to the requisite 425 degrees so I stuffed it in as soon as she got home. It was done in 8 minutes. Then we ate while the church newsletter printed. I assemble and print it every month. I don’t know how I got conned into doing that, but I’ve done it for a long time now. I think I may have volunteered to do it. Instead of printing 80 copies a month, as I used to, I now just print 15 and the rest are delivered via email. Saves ink, and paper.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow we are going to one of my high school classmate’s home in Lake Oswego for our annual picnic. Yes, we have a semi-class reunion every year. We’ve been doing it for years. Usually, we get about 20 class mates, and their spouses. Twenty out of the original 100 isn’t too bad for a class that graduated in 1962. Wow! That’s 51 years ago. I had no idea that I was that old. Go figure.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and will probably include a picture, or three.

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