Pianos, Organs, and Chimneys

I have to tell you, I’m learning all kinds of new things this week. Sadly, I don’t remember what those tasks were, but I’ve documented it here so I can review, if necessary. The thing is, you see, that once I drain my brain into my computer, via the keyboard, my memory of those events are dulled, or simply gone. It’s convenient because it leaves more room for new things. I can’t tell you how many times in the past, when I didn’t have this way of unloading data, my brain got full to overflowing and it was distressing. I had information running out of my ears, eyes, nose, and mainly my mouth. It was absolutely dreadful to experience and, I’m told, not fun to look at. I was a mess. Now I’m not. Now I’m adorable. Ask Diane.

Today I removed pretty much everything from our two car garage, half of which is reserved for Diane’s Buick, in order to vacuum up the accumulated debris that has collected over the past 3-4 years. My ultimate goal, which I attained, was to make more room on the passenger side of the vehicle so I could get in and out, inside the garage, without hitting the piano. Or the organ. Those things are always in the way, it seems. I just needed to move them west a little bit to make room, but that entailed moving everything on the other side of them first. So I did that.

About the time I got everything out, Diane reminded me that we were supposed to visit her Mom so I could ensure the chimney was properly secured to the roof, and sealed around the flashing because she found bits of what looked like caulking on the ground after the guys were done washing her roof to remove the moss.

So, I started moving everything back into the garage, although it would have been perfectly fine to leave it outside because no one bothers us up here in the sticks. Being on a dead-end street doesn’t hurt, either. But, I moved it all back in, anyway. At least most of it. Before moving it back, however, I moved the piano and organ over to the new spots I had selected. Then I just started hauling things back in and stacked them all around the west side of the garage. Now there’s plenty room for me to get in and out of the Buick.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why is there a piano and an organ in the garage? That’s a very good question which I will attempt to answer in a manner that makes sense.

The piano was given to us by the renter we had in our old house. That’s the house we sold in 2008. We waited until then to ensure we would get the absolute least amount of money possible for our investment. When the renters left, we chose to not be landlords any longer and sold it. In the basement of that house sat this player piano that was to be a restoration project. Long story short, it didn’t work out and the renters didn’t want to move it so gave it to us. And we moved it to our garage as a project for me because I thought it would be a challenge to make it work. All the parts are there and I’m sure I can restore it. It shouldn’t take more than 15 years or so at the rate I’m going. So far all I’ve been able to accomplish is to not scratch it. I’m sure sitting in the garage all this time hasn’t been good for it, but won’t know until I get it into a place where I can dismantle it and shine up the innards. One of these days …

The organ was a gift from a family who received it as a gift and found it necessary to give it away. The deal is, if we get rid of it, it will be as a gift to someone else. It’s final destination was supposed to be our basement, with the other piano, but it weighs about a ton and isn’t something Diane and I can move. I’m absolutely positive it would tip over and break if we tried to move it. So, it sits in the garage, back to back with the piano. Unplayed. That’s in part because the dismantled pool table, which is another story, is taking up most of the free basement space. That, and a whole bunch of computer parts. And dead printers. I don’t know why I keep those things.

Also in the garage are three rather large tools that I bequeathed to Jeff, but he doesn’t have room for them. So, I’m thinking about asking Dan & Jennie if I can move them to their garage. They don’t know that yet. Probably will after Jennie reads this, but I’ll ask tomorrow, anyway. I’ll be there working on The Bathroom some more. Should be able to get the 2nd sink installed so Lydia and put a plastic bag over the first one and officially claim it as her very own. That will make her happy. It will also make the boys happy because it will save them about one step, each direction, when they are forced to go wash their hands before a meal. That, and brushing their teeth. Stuff like that.

So, back to our garage …

After putting almost everything back, we went to Mom’s and I climbed on the roof to inspect the chimney flashing. It looked OK, but the bricks looked like someone had passed a pressure washer across the front, but didn’t finish. So, with a bucket of suds, and a sturdy brush, I set about scrubbing it clean. Diane and Mom sat in the yard, in lawn chairs, watching me work very hard and getting the bricks clean while at the same time make a concerted effort to remain on the roof. There were a couple of “touch and go” moments, but I didn’t fall. Didn’t even get dizzy like a sometimes do when I realize I’m in danger.

The end result was a clean chimney and a happy Diane and happy Mom. Because of that, I was also happy.

Then we came home and Diane made me spaghetti for dinner. I love that stuff. Especially with most of my baguette remaining from yesterday. As you probably know, if you don’t eat those things within a day of purchase, you can take them to your shop and use them to hammer nails. They really get hard.

Speaking of the baguette … I mentioned yesterday that I was going to make a 3 foot long ham and cheese sandwich. I couldn’t do that because the loaf was only 25 inches long. So, I chopped off about 8 inches for my sandwich and we ate the rest this evening. It was still soft.

Now I must quit and think about going to bed. Diane is watching ‘All My Children’ on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and will be busy for a while so I may be able to get to sleep before her for a change. That rarely happens because she is able to be completely asleep within seconds of deciding that’s what she wants to do.

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