“The Eye of God”

One of my favorite authors, James Rollins, writes fiction based on fact. I just finished reading “The Eye of God” and learned that James agrees with me, at least fictionally, that we live in a world of parallel universes. It’s like the parallel aspects are shadows that are ready to take over each time we encounter a situation where a decision necessary. For those of you who know a bit about quantum mechanics, this isn’t news, but we have these decision opportunities all the time. What happens in the universe of the choice I didn’t make. For example, if I choose to turn right at an intersection, what happened to the ‘me’ that turned left? That is, of course, a simple example, but give it a little thought and you will see that your life is filled with countless decisions every day. Usually, my decisions choices involve a “what should I say, write, or do in order to stay out of trouble?” Sadly, in my conscience universe I seem to live in the one where I always make the wrong choice.

Or, do I?

If the experiences I have are the ‘up’ side, the ‘down’ side must be pretty profound.

I am, I believe, living in a world where I at least perceive my actions as being the correct ones. If you laugh at some of the stupid things I say or do, or just give it a half-smile, I’m in the right place.

Thanks for the use of your eyes, and your time.


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