Ozzie, Swimming, and Blackberry Vines

They’re finally gon … ‘scuse me … sadly, the Namponians departed this morning amid hugs and smiles. Lydia and Cedric spent the night, again, and they kept Maryssa awake until well after midnight. Actually, we were all up past midnight which really tosses my internal clock in the trash. That’s because, of course, the dogs don’t care when I go to bed because their sole focus in the entire world is getting up at the crack of dawn so they can get their pouch and canned food. This morning it was 0515 when they made their wishes known.

Last night Bob was making frequent attempts to at least touch Ozzie, knowing that holding him was probably out of the question. Maryssa wanted to hold him, too, but he wouldn’t let her pick him up. So, I just picked him up and transferred him to her arms. He glared at me for only a little while before accepting the fact that he was trapped in a stranger’s arms and I wasn’t going to rescue him. He sat in her lap for half an hour, at least. Here’s proof that at least one of them was happy …


Yesterday we went to Uncle Jack’s and Aunt Wynette’s house to swim in the pool. They have one of those and it’s awesome. The kids always love it. Special for us was the inclusion of Gilligan and Baylee who have never had the pleasure of swimming in a large pool. They had an absolute ball. Gilligan, the consummate daredevil, spent all of her time bobbing up and down all around the edge of the pool until her little hands and feet had sore spots on them from pushing herself to the bottom using the pool edge and from pushing off the bottom to get back up. Over and over. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had …

Here’s Baylee, just floating around …


… and Jennifer keeping a watchful eye on Gilligan …


 … Steffani giving Maryssa a piggyback ride …


… Lydia and Maryssa playing catch with Gilligan …


… Jeff teaching Baylee how to float on her back while Jennifer watches …


… Diane enjoying the antics from the safety of a shaded area …


… Maryssa and Lydia received wise council from Uncle Jack …


After everyone left I went outside and eradicated as many blackberry vines as I could in the back yard. I got lots of them, and they got me back. I learned that it’s probably a smart thing to wear long sleeves when working with blackberry vines, but I didn’t wear them because the barbs really stick to clothes, but they just scratch your skin and are easily removed. It hurts, but it really makes the job easier to do when you don’t have to constantly remove the vines from your clothing. I also removed a dead azalea and I’m pretty sure I dismembered more than one rose-bush in the process.



Yesterday morning, before lunch, we had a revisit from the doe and her babies. They were trying to play with Breezie in our back yard while mom was in the next yard. After playing for a while, Mom convinced the twins it was time to go and they wiggled their way through the fence. Too cute.


This afternoon, after collapsing on the couch for a short period of time, I took Jeran to his piano lesson. He’s doing really well for the short time he’s been taking lessons. The up side of it all is that he really loves taking the lessons. He’s going to be great one day. I’m looking forward to the time when we can play duets together, like my Mom and I used to do.

Now I’m going to rest some more.

2 thoughts on “Ozzie, Swimming, and Blackberry Vines

  1. The Namponians had a great time (as usual) visiting our Oregonian family!! Thanks for hosting us! We always look forward to our visits. Maryssa is happy to be home and did make it to Sage’s game on time.

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