The Namponians

Namponians are a rare breed, in the overall scheme of things, who wander in a seemingly aimless manner from their designated territory to surrounding ‘countries’ spreading joy and happiness in their never-ending quest to take over the world with their seemingly benign mannerisms. There is, however, a method to their madness because on these quests they bring children, exposing them to life outside the sphere of influence controlled by the Namponian elders, most of whom spend their days caring for the previous elders. It’s a vicious cycle maintained by the vast majority of Namponians who may travel about, but always return to pick up the mantle of support required by contracts initiated in their names at birth by those whose fruit of their loins they are. There’s no escaping this homing cycle. That’s why it’s not difficult to have them visit because the hosts know they will not stay.

In the case of Diane and myself, the Namponians arrived yesterday afternoon. The family unit is composed of two adults and a young female whose teeth I thought were silver implants until they removed her braces. Now they are white and very attractive teeth. To celebrate the occasion of their arrival, local fruits of other related loins descended upon us to visit and discuss the next time we may inhabit a location where we can breathe the same air. That is a requirement, to establish the next gathering as a primary point of business. That, and for the young, no matter where they are from, to eat pretty much everything within their grasp, sometimes retreating to dark corners so they can consume their rations in privacy. This time, however, the youngest four retreated to the roof with their bags of rations where they sat, ate, and plotted the overthrow of their respective family units.

OK – I can’t continue this. It’s mostly lies, and you know how I hate to be caught telling lies. Namponians are real people. Honest. They do tend to stay within a few miles of their homes, like deer, but they do visit outside the invisible fencing surround their territory once in a while when the elders randomly turn the fence off to see what happens. Oddly, as many enter and leave during these occasions so the population is always in stasis. This simplifies the budgetary process.

The following photos are provided as proof of this invasion and to provide others a visual reference as to the manner of their physical makeup in order to identify them should they invade your space.

First, we have three of the local FOLs, Jeran, Cedric, and Lydia, and 1 of the 3 Namponian FOLs, Maryssa, on the roof, where it got pretty cold once the sun went down. We eventually put the ladder back up so they could return to the warmth of interior.


Next are Bob and Steffani whose loins produced the Namponian fruit.


Here’s the FOLs again, with their midnight nectar, Namponian Orange Juice. It’s really Sunny Delight. We just let them believe it was NOJ.


Then we had the annual “Who’s Taller” competition, which Maryssa won overall. But, Lydia’s butt is distinctly higher than Maryssa’s. We attribute this difference to the grandfather, brother Jim, the transplant Namponian.


And, finally, the four FOLs, still consuming.


I have to add that the FOLs were unable to consume everything so there was plenty remaining for Daniel to gratify his dietary needs when he arrived around 8:30 pm after a hard day working the innards of INTEL.

It was a good day.

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