Father’s Day

Today was the best ever. It was a continuation of yesterday, actually, which we spent in Rainier, Oregon for a softball tournament Lydia was playing in. The regular rec league is over and the state ASA tournament is next in line in a at the end of the month. A state team from St. Helens was created using members from two of the rec teams and it was this team that played yesterday and today.

They were unbeaten and took 1st place. It was fun to watch. Today’s bracket games were excellent. The weather was just great.

This being Father’s Day, and all, I was allowed to choose where to eat lunch so I had two McChicken sandwiches.

Here are the victors with their trophy …


Lydia is on the left, front row, with the fashionable sports goggles.

After it was over, we all headed slowly to our vehicles, not wanting to see the day end. The girls played so well we could have stayed there lots longer. But, it had to end, as all good things do.

Then, just when I didn’t think the day could get any better, Jennie called me over to her car and gave me this … the absolute best Father’s Day gift ever …


The photo was taken 18 years ago this coming July. I still fit into my uniform then, and it was Jennie’s choice that I wore it for the wedding. A cynic might say that she enjoyed that walk so much because it was taking her away. But I’m not a cynic, and it was so special for me, too. Very special, and my favorite, too, for a very simple reason.

You see, all of her growing up years Jennie was an independent little soul, always wanting to walk alone. Try as I might, I could never get her to walk with me holding my hand. On her wedding day, as we prepared to walk down the aisle, I offered her my elbow, but she declined, and said, “No, hold my hand.”

It was special beyond measure, and this terrific gift is a testament to that day. I’ve never forgotten that moment, having one more chance to walk with my daughter, just holding hands, before she was whisked away by Daniel. It’s one thought that comes to my mind more than any other each time I see her.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being so incredible.

I love you.


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