Mike & Kathie Times Two

Last Saturday Diane and I went to Oregon City to help Mike & Kathie with their garage sale.  We got up at 6 am, left at 7 am, and arrived just before 8 am. That’s really early for us. For M&K the day began at 5 am so we couldn’t complain.

People showed up fairly regularly throughout the day and things went away and I re-discovered that I’m still a lousy negotiator. I suspect they would have made out better had I just stayed out of that part, but what’s done is done.

M & K, by the way, are moving to Mission Viejo, California. They already have a house there which they purchased when the market bottomed out a year or so ago. They hung on to the Oregon City house, waiting until exactly the right moment to put in on the market and demonstrate that real estate, at least in Oregon City, is now a seller’s market. Their house was on the market for one day when they got a pull price cash offer. Pretty nifty, if you ask me. Diane and I, just to keep things in balance, do things exactly the opposite.

In a couple of weeks M&K will be heading ‘home’ to California. Thankfully, they are on the path we take to visit San Diego. Now we have two places to visit along that well-travelled path. Oddly, both of them are home to Mike & Kathie. I know. That’s weird, isn’t it? Two sets of Mike & Kathie. As one Kathie pointed out some time back, “what are the odds that Diane & I would know another set of Mike & Kathie, and the Kathies spell their name the same way?” Or words to that effect. Until she said that, I just thought it was normal. Now I wonder.

Anyway, we bid Mike & Kathie a fond farewell. We had a terrific day visiting, had a great lunch, walked off with treasures we had to have, and thought we did pretty good to last as long as we did. It was a tearful farewell, but it was also filled with the promise of future visits to their new home.

We wish them safe travels and look forward to our next visit to San Diego with new purpose.

Mikes and Kathies of California, beware. We know where all of you live …

2 thoughts on “Mike & Kathie Times Two

  1. And you are always welcome. How come I don’t get FB notices anymore??? Love you the Northern Kathie and Mike

    • I just learned that I have to post my blogs to Facebook EVERY STINKING TIME I make one. So, guess I’ll start doing that. I thought I only had to do it once.

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