Miss Me?

Hi – one, possibly two of you may have been wondering just what’s been going on since my last entry. Well let me tell you what a hullabaloo that one created. Diane was astounded to learn, as was I, that parts of me had atrophied and fell off. Neither of us had no idea …

So, four entire days have elapsed since last I sat here, doing this. As I write, I’m brushing my teeth, which is OK. I type about 70+ wpm so figure I can do 35 with one hand, easy. We’ll see …

Let’s see – Monday we went to another of Lydia’s softball games, but didn’t get to see the entire game because we had to attend our Lion’s Club meeting. I say “we had to”, but that’s not true. We really didn’t have to, but it was probably a good thing we did since we were both being installed as officers by a Past District Governor. Diane’s on the Sight and Hearing committee, and I learned that I’m now the 1st Vice President. Who knew? I don’t remember being 2nd Vice President, and I know we have one of those. Lydia’s team lost by one run.

On Tuesday I was honored to attend Cedric’s induction into the High School Key Club as one of their officers. He was going to run for Treasurer but found out someone else was running for that so switched to the Media department. He’s the only boy in the group of officers for 2013-14. Funny guy. One of the young ladies, the new president, I believe, reported that it’s good to have a boy in the group because it makes them all better. He’s involved and, we all know, he’ll do an execllent job.

Wednesday morning I went to our Lion’s paper boxes at the High School, and Wal*Mart to straighten them up. My assigned day is Tuesday, but I wait until Wednesday morning because the Wednesday Lion, Fred, is way older than me and has a difficult time with the boxes. So, I do mine late hoping to make his stint easier. Also, it keeps me from forgetting to do them Tuesday afternoon. Actually, I started to them Wednesday morning because I kept forgetting to do them Tuesday afternoon. So there. In the afternoon we took a nice leisurely ride to Vernonia to watch Lyd play another game. The outcome was a bit different from Monday because Lyd’s team won 17-5, or thereabouts. It was a lot. Our girls played awesome defense and it was fun to watch. After the game we had a leisurely drive home, arriving about 7:45 pm, watched a little TV, then went to bed.

Today I finished painting Diane’s bathroom. My free time the last four days has been devoted to applying two coats of paint to both the ceiling and the walls. Now all I must do is refinish the window and apply baseboards. Then I will be allowed to call it done. That will be three rooms completely refinished. Only four more to go. One of those, however, only needs minor work, and baseboards, so it’s almost done already.

My shoulders were terminally sore from painting the ceiling before I started the walls, so now they’re really sore. That’s good, I suppose, because I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday at the VA for my right shoulder. It pretty much hurts all the time and I have to rest it often, but it gets the job done, given time.

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be able to get the yard mowed again. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm through the middle of next week so will have plenty of time. Then I need to put rear shocks on the PT, get my truck started so I can take it to the dump to get rid of all the junk I’ve been throwing in it for the past six months, then put new layers of anti leak stuff on the Winnebago’s, especially the ’73, so I won’t have to keep tossing a tarp over it when it rains.

Speaking of the ’73 – there’s still lots of work to do on it, like get the gas tanks off and cleaned, a job I started last year. It’s brutal … gets rust in my eyes … so I avoid it. But, the truck is more important because it ran last year, but it won’t fire up this year. Guess I should have started it more often. It’s electrical. I need new tools to troubleshoot it.

Now it’s after 10 pm and time to quit, take a shower, and slumber …

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