Vacation – Day 9 – Foresthill, CA

Here we are in Foresthill, California which is a village way up in the woods of the Auburn Recreation Area. We’re with the ‘other’ Kathie & Mike who live in California. The ones we’re related to. This is the first time Diane has met Mike, and my second time. The first time for me was at a restaurant somewhere in Portland where Jack, Wy, and I met them just before they, M&K, had to fly back to California. That was when Kathie had the black eye that we don’t talk about. There’s a story there but it’s not related to domestic violence of any kind. It’s more about spatial awareness.

To get here on time we left Beale AFB shortly before 1000. First stop was Burger King for a breakfast sandwich for each of us, on the base the n out the Dolittle Gate to Highway 20. We rode that road all the way over to Williams, then on to Grass Valley, the Nevada City, Mike’s suggestion. We had a nice little visit walking around Nevada City looking at some very eclectic shops. It was a lot of fun and I found the perfect 45th anniversary present for Diane.  When it was time to head up to Mike & Kathie’s, the shopping ended, but we had enough time to stop at Burger King for a Whopper Jr. for each of us. Atogether it cost us about $6.50 for lunch so we had a reasonable meal for a reasonable price. This sustained us for the 20 mile trip up the mountain.

Our GPS led us right to their front door and we were very happy that the temperature went down with the gain in altitude. After living with 40 degree days at the coast for a week, we were happy for sun, but not 80 degrees.

Kathie communicated with us to say she would be home 2-2:30. Timing was perfect because we pulled into the driveway, parked the vehicle, and I had just retrieved the key from it’s special hidden spot when Kathie drove arrived.

First I have to tell you that Mike’s lawn more is five years old but look like it could go right back on the showroom floor. So does his rototiller. I was so happy that we got the car washed before getting to their driveway. Because of this discover, as soon as we get home, I’ll have to take my lawn mower out in the yard and power wash it before I use it again. I’m ashamed of my self after seeing Mike’s stuff. Just ashamed.

This will be short because I’m about to fall asleep and we’re getting up early in the morning for breakfast. This evening K&M invited neighbors, Lee and Julie, for a Mexican casserole dinner with Caesar Salad. Really nice folks. There’s talk of lunch tomorrow, and other events that make it necessary for us to call our next stop, in Reno, to see how late we can check in and not forfeit anything, like the upgrade we’re supposed to get.

We’ll se how that goes. At this moment I’ve already had my sleep meds so things aren’t working well. Pictures will be added and spelling corrected, ane bad language removed. So check back for the final version when the urge strikes.

OK – I made one pass through the above section and it’s good as far as my semi-lucid mind can tell. That may change once Diane reads it.

Now for pictures …

This is the overpriced hazelnut latte I got from a barrista in Nevada City. It’s a piece of art you can drink.


Typical street scene from Nevada City.


Love this sign … Breakfast . Lunch . Beer …


Gotta love Fred’s …



This lady was arranging things in her window so I stopped to watch and snap a picture. She stopped and started posing for me. Fun …





This is Bella, Kathie and Mike’s cat, sleeping on our suitcase.


Diane and Kathie toasting …


Mike waiting on the toasters ..


An example of Mike’s woodworking prowess. He has all the fun tools and makes incredible “things”.


That’s it for yesterday …

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