Vacation – Day 8 addendum

I had a bit of crucial information to add to our Point Arena visit …

Turns out that Point Arena is where the San Andreas Fault Line runs right, smack past it. All that activity of the Pacific Plate rubbing up against the North American Plate is the reason for all those round rocks on Bowling Ball Beach. We regret not getting to see them in person, but we have the satisfaction of knowing we walked directly on the edge of the Pacific Plate. Pretty cool.

Here’s my lovely bride hiking around on the fault line …DSC_4788


I’m not positive, but i suspect this is part of the Pacific Plate that’s slide up over the North American Plate …DSC_4756

… and this is the ‘beach’ we could see. All the bowling balls were around a corner we could not reach, and underwater at this time …DSC_4776


Next is Jack’s Pharmacy just to prove Jack really does have a pharmacy. Jack also has a very incredible store in Ocean Shore, Washington that sells pretty much anything that’s available in the free world … but that’s  different Jack. I asked.DSC_4755


It’s now 9 am on Day 9, but details will not be forthcoming until later.


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