The Tax Man’s Coming …

I finally did our taxes. Since federal wanted all our money, and state was giving everything back, I had a dilemma. Logic said send state in early and use it to pay federal, right? The trouble with that is I like to file online and to do that means both federal and state have to be submitted at the same time. If I did that, federal would bounce because there wouldn’t be enough money in the account to cover their desires, and there’s no delay to wait for state to show up. They don’t talk with each other.

So, I filed a federal extension. That can be done online, but doing so means state needs to be mailed because federal has to be paid in full in order to submit state online. So, logic wins in that I should have mailed state in January.

I could have done that if Diane would have given me the information I needed before today. But she didn’t.

So, it’s all her fault.

It’s done, now, so everything is good and we can go on a guilt-free vacation next week.

I don’t know where we’re going, yet, because Diane won’t tell me. I just know we’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. The dogs are going to be really hungry when we get home and all the porch plants will probably die … and the grass is going to be a couple of feet tall, but that’s OK. All of that can be corrected. And it’s all a lie.

Except for the grass. There’s no way to make it go dormant for two weeks. I’ve tried talking to it, crawling around on my hands and knees, but all that does is make the neighbors nervous … and my knees green.

Vacation. I wonder where we’re going …

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