Power Tool Envy

Today Jerry and Nelda went to the beach.

On the way, they stopped at our house so Jerry could make fun all the hard work I’ve been doing with my baseboards. As luck would have it, he didn’t make fun of it so there was no violence.

We had a two-hour notice that they were going to stop by which was more than enough time for us to clean the entire house, paint two rooms, and get my new saw out in the dining room where Nelda could ogle it. Sadly, the only thing that happened was the saw was moved to the dining room. Oddly enough, we were unaware that Nelda would be so enthralled with the saw. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider that a woman would get excited about one of my power tools. She’s envious, I’m sure.

How awesome is that?

I think that’s about as good as it gets today.

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