Spring has Sprung …

… at least for a little while.

Yesterday I mowed our front yard again for two reasons – 1) just because I could, and 2) it grew an inch since I mowed it the last time. I also mowed the neighbor’s yard. It was a gorgeous day in the Great North West and good to be outside. Although the temp dipped to freezing at night, it popped right back up into the 60’s, perfect for shorts and a lawnmower.

Another reason I mowed was so I could take a picture for Ruth and give her a notion of what her yard will look like once her snow melts.

This is Panzee enjoying the short grass in our front yard … that’s Mt. Hood in the back.


After mowing the lawn I cleaned up and went next door to work on Muriel’s computer for the fourth time. Her only complaint is that she can’t send email, but she can receive it. Perplexing. I was there until almost 7 pm which is really 8 pm since we had to Spring Forward last night. The next time I go there I’m going to reformat her hard drive with prejudice, wiping out everything contained thereon, starting over from scratch. First, however, I must rescue her photos and address book.

I hear Diane stirring so it’s time for me to look busy.

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