Mexican Food & Kotex

Interesting title, but that’s all that came to mind. Plus, it’s descriptive.

Before getting into the specifics, however, let me catch you up …

Yesterday I golfed with Doug and JP. I actually did pretty good considering I used my brand new 9 degree driver for the very first time. That’s significant because until just a few years go I couldn’t get my 10.5 degree driver to lift a ball higher than about 10 feet. This one, however, is sending drives soaring, straight and long. The only trouble is that I still can’t aim worth a new hoot. Long and straight into a cow pasture isn’t a good thing, unless it is part of the fairway, which is sometimes the case. I was especially please with my new driver because it only cost me $4.99 at Goodwill. With Diane’s old person discount card (OPDC) it was only $4.49. Nice! I don’t have an OPDC.

After golfing I continued my ongoing project of getting Diane’s bathroom back in order. Actually, the bathroom is already in order, and working, but I haven’t covered the hole in the adjacent closet, or the hole in Diane’s Girl Room ceiling. Having a hole in the ceiling is convenient for me because when I rip out pieces of the closet wall, it just falls down through the holes for the tub drain, and I don’t have to sweep it up because it lands on Diane’s ironing board. This, of course, causes stress in our marriage to the point she yelled at me for some unassociated event and I had to play the lawyer card. I’m going to have to quit doing that because there is increasing danger that she will tell me to “go ahead”, then I’d be absolutely lost. So, that won’t happen. No more lawyer threats.

Today we had lunch at the Scappoose Ixtapa Restaurant with Jerry1, Jerry3, Nelda, Linda, Tom, Vie, and Coleen. That’s always a hoot because I learn so many new things. I suspect some of the things I learn at these gatherings are things I once learned at past gatherings with the same people, then forgot. But, it was new (again) today.

The most significant thing I learned today is that taping a kotex to an old leg wound doesn’t absorb very much blood unless you unwrap it first. Apparently each kotex comes wrapped in a material that looks a lot like fabric so, not being a regular kotex user, I probably would have made the same mistake Tom did. Linda discovered this grievous error in Tom’s behavior and immediately educated him on the mechanics of how to unwrap a kotex. Apparently it’s not difficult because he caught on right away and, now that all his friends know about it, he will never forget. He has no doubt he will be asked about this over, and over. We may even be able to contract with him to give a short seminar on what he’s learned, at our next gathering.

Now, about the leg wound … this isn’t a minor issue because it’s not healing well next to the bone. That’s not good, and that’s the reason for the kotex … the wound has to remain open so it can heal from the inside out. It would have been much simpler if he hadn’t cut so deep, but that’s now a moot point that has to be dealt with. So, I urge all of you to send kind, healing thoughts to Tom’s leg so it will heal properly. The sooner the better as far as Linda is concerned because, since Tom typically wears shorts everywhere, she thinks it’s a little unsightly, and perhaps unsanitary for him to walk around with a bloody kotex strapped to the back of his leg. Today he wore long legged pants so it wasn’t a problem. He wouldn’t show me the wound, however, or I would have a photo so share. I bet is’t really something. It’s not so much about the wound, though that’s not good, but for me it’s about an opportunity of seeing someone with a kotex taped to his leg. For now I’ll just have to be content with the knowledge that I at least know someone who does that, and imagine what it must look like.

After a wonderful lunch, during which we all talked non-stop, and ate too much, we came home and I immediately went back to work on the closet. Diane abandoned me to go see what kind of supplies she’s going to need in order to cook Community meals on Thursday. I was only allowed to use a hammer, chisel, pry bar, and my shop vac. I know, the shop vac required electricity but isn’t officially a power tool, so it was OK.

2 thoughts on “Mexican Food & Kotex

  1. Im still laughing and Tom loved it…oh and he says he has a pic of his wound on his phone so he will show it to you next time……You men!!! Great seeing you 2 and everyone today….Linda

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