I’m a victim of distractions as are most of us. We begin an activity with the honorable intention of seeing it through to completion, but it rarely happens because of one distraction or another. For most folks the distraction is usually an emergent important need while for the rest of us it could just be something shiny that catches our attention. Or, something moves at the extreme edge of our peripheral vision and we just have to see what it is. Or, one project simply melds seamlessly into another, and another, and another, etc … with the result that nothing gets completed and the original project is totally lost in the clutter of mental active. Frequently, I suffer grievously for those sins because all of the unfinished projects flash through my mind without solidifying into any kind of coherent memory which would thereby allow me to categorize them into a list that could be used to prioritize their completion. No, instead they manifest as little brief flashes of light with just a bit of meaning declaring them to be something I should be concerned about but disappear too quickly to comprehend before being replaced by the next flash.

After this happens for more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch I find it necessary to start talking to myself as a diversion to allow me to focus on something besides the flashes. Other people talking to me during these times have no affect which is the nature of the sins previously mentioned because I’ve been known to respond in a logical manner leading the questioner to believe I knew what I was saying and took my response as definitive thereby locking me into an agreement to either do, or not do a specific “thing” when, in fact, I have no memory of anyone speaking much less me answering. So, when the time comes for me to honor whatever obligation it is that I may have agreed to, and I don’t do it, or I did it and shouldn’t have, I’ve learned to take my punishment without whining too loudly. Loud whining is frowned upon. Actually, soft whining is frowned upon, as is mime whining where no sound is involved. It’s just body language. Some people just don’t communicate well when body language is involved.

At this point I’m going shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes, and quit.

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