Two days ago we loaded up the RV with everything we own, including all the food we had, and headed for the wilderness a little East of Vernonia. We went there because it was out understanding that it was the only place in the world that wouldn’t be inundated with political rhetoric and the never-ending barrage of unsavory news stories. That was true, until Diane told me she had to have internet access in order to submit her Avon order for this week.

Doing that, of course, violated about 12 rules of camping … there shouldn’t be internet access in any campground. You should have to go to the nearest village for that. I already knew there wasn’t any TV reception because that’s the first thing I checked. There was, however, excellent cell phone service, another violation.

Since there was excellent cell service, there was no problem getting my new iPad hooked up to the internet after a couple of conversations with some very nice AT&T people who answer phones at 611 in order to help people like me.

Once Diane had access she did her order and all was good, but knowing I could take it that one step further was just more than I could bear, so I downloaded some apps from the app store. Just the free ones. I rarely pay for apps. Just Angry Birds. And Angry Bird sequels. Nothing else. The apps I downloaded violated more camping rules because they related to News. There is no current news allowed in camp grounds unless it comes from someone newly arrived who is eager to share what they know.


That’s us camping, by the way … about 28 hours ago when we got here. After everything was set up. We had Papa Murphy’s Pizza for supper, another violation. It was really good, and I ate too much of it. But, what the heck, we’re camping. We brought the pizza with us and Diane baked it in the RV’s tiny little oven. Worked pretty good.

We brought Cedric and Jeran with us yesterday, along with the two dogs. Jeran rode with me, and Cedric rode with Diane, in the chase car. Actually, it was the lead car, and I followed in the RV so I guess we now have a “chase RV”, instead of a chase car. We brought the Buick because I have physical therapy at VA tomorrow morning that I dare not miss.

This afternoon Daniel and Jennifer arrived and the level of activity increased. Yesterday I was pretty much cripple because my back seized up while eating pizza (so I’m never doing that again) making it necessary for me to eat with my elbow propped on the table. After eating, and working my way slowly from my place at the picnic table, I limped all over the place until Diane suggested that I give it up and go to bed, which I did. This morning my back still hurt, but it was much better and I didn’t have to limp as much, which pleased Diane. She doesn’t like it when I limp. Sometimes, however, I just can’t help it. The physical therapy I’m getting tomorrow is my 4th session to deal with the back issue. Oddly, the back issue causes my right hip and leg to hurt, a lot, but not my back. I suspect I’ve mentioned this before so will not bore you with those details.

Because of all the limping, and whatnot, I was allowed to take a nap this afternoon. It was good because it helped relieve the pain a great deal. While I dozed, Diane and Jennifer went about the business of making dinner for everyone, except for Lydia who isn’t here. She’s at another camp with her friend, Brianna. It’s a church thing.

Diane cooked a large pan of frozen lasagna in our tiny oven and during the end of that evolution I became more alert and asked Diane a few questions. She failed to respond to any of them so I mentally investigated the possibility that I had died while laying there. Finally, however, she came a little closer so I asked another question and she immediately responded and wasn’t at all surprised that by answering a simple, innocuous question, she had just resurrected me from dead. Actually, she didn’t know it because I was so relieved that I was alive that I didn’t mention it. Until now.

Now it’s late, and our day is done. It’s going to be an early day tomorrow because we have to be back in civilized country by 0930 for my appointment. It’s going to take about 45 minutes to get there and, as I said previously, we cannot be late. Anyone who is late for a VA appointment is punished by the appointment people who ensure that your next appointment, for any reason, is not any time soon.

Good night.

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