Why Do I Blog?

In a previous blog, I explained how I got started with this form of communication. In a nutshell, it began as a series of daily emails requested by my brother, Jack, so he could vicariously accompany Diane and me on our USA Tour in 2010. I’m not in a band, so that isn’t some sort of concert tour – it was a leisurely 70 day, 11,000 mile trek around the country.

Since Diane did most of the driving, I provided a mile-post-by-mile-post narrative of what I was seeing as we plodded down various freeways and byways. Each day my email list grew to encompass friends, then friends of friends, and some previously complete strangers. I was using my iPad with 3G to communicate and had to buy an app to create email groups which worked OK for the duration of the trip.

Once we returned home, I stopped the emails thinking the trip was over until my recently departed brother, Lyle, asked why I stopped. He was still interested to know what was going on. Honoring his request, I started a blog so I wouldn’t have to worry about email addresses. It was a good choice.

That’s the history of the beginning … as the days past, I found that my daily life wasn’t all that interesting so, assuming the mantle of a writer, I decided to embelish it a bit using literary license … just like a real writer might. Not only did that give me permission to let my mind wander off track, as it normally wants to do, it allowed me to simply tell lies about things I did or did not do.

Most of my previous entries contained a lot of information about how badly I was treated at home by my wife, who controlled me by way of punishment and permission. Sadly, that had to end because she finally pointed out that she considered it wife-bashing, something I hadn’t considered. I figured that, since we’ve been married for 44 years, she might have just brushed it off as another one of the stupid things Jerrie does, and understand that I was mostly lying. It was a sad day, quitting that line of thinking, because it ended a way for me to purge my brain of excess random words clogging my output circuits and an exercise that evolved into a challenge for me to string together in a coherent manner, no matter how long a sentence might be. For some odd reason, I find using commas easier than using periods. Weird.

So, “Now,” you may ask, “why do you continue blogging?”

The simple answer is that it’s become a habit, something I have to do every day because I have the perceived notion that people are reading what I have to say even though there is no deep meaning to anything I write about. It’s still my main form of communication with my family, but it’s spread a bit. I’ve learned that it’s probably because of the title I give my blogs, not the content which is more entertaining to those who know me … they are supposed to at least make you smile, and wonder, “who is this idiot?” Then you tell all your friends and family to check it out to see if they can make sense of it … then they tell their other friends and family … and it  will eventually evolve into a book deal that will generate enough income for me to get a new lawnmower. I’d really rather have one of those small Kubota tractors with a front loader and a tiny backhoe because my lawnmower works just fine.

Sorry. I slipped a gear there and started rambling. Or, is that what I do all the time? Probably. Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate because I can visualize all the letters of the alphabet rushing to the ends of my fingers, in accordance with a standard QWERTY keyboard, wanting to be used immediately! Once in a while I’ll throw them a curve ball and use the wrong finger for one of the letters. This throws all those letters into a state of confusion, creating a panic as a letter is re-routed to a different finger, causing those remaining to look over their shoulders, waiting to see who’s next. Keeps them on their toes, it does.

In the end, I blog because I’m now totally addicted to sharing totally useless information with anyone willing to read it. Actually, it isn’t important for anyone to read it because it’s all about satisfying the WordPress indicator telling me I only have 5 more blogs to go to reach 140. Once that’s satisfied, it goes to 145. It eggs me on for no reason other than causing me to use more storage space. One of these days I’ll have to buy the upgrade they offer in order to ensure I have enough space to continue … if I live long enough.

Again, I ramble. It must be time to end this one and go work on that stump in the back yard before my VA appointment.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I love reading your Blog and look forward to it. When I have been at Mom and Dad’s I read to them also and they love listening. It closes the distance of being so far away and not being able to visit face to face. Love it and Thank you for bring chuckles and grins and enlightenment by sharing.

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