Family, Goodbyes, and Weeding

Greetings and hallucinations to all my fellow humans in this sector of the Milky Way. I would greet to all the other humans from other galaxies, but they haven’t been talking to me lately, so to heck with them. I’m just going to totally ignore them the next time they call me. Yes, sir! That’s exactly what I’m going to do. They’re all very annoying, anyway.

This morning our lower level relatives, Bob, Steffani, and Maryssa, departed about 1030, heading east on I-84. Their destination was Middleton, Idaho which isn’t quite as sophisticated as Nampa because it’s a little bit west, and everyone know that the further east anyone lives, the more sophisticated people are. I can say this with absolute confidence because of the first hand knowledge I gained from my visit to Connecticut.

Having said that, I’m compelled to clarify, perhaps again, that Lower Level does not mean Lower Class. On the contrary, all levels of my relatives, Very High to Very Low, are High Class … well, most of them … some are suspect, the group with which I identify.

From that last statement, you may construe that I believe I’m related to myself. Perhaps I do. I honestly haven’t given that much thought. Perhaps what I really mean is that I identify with the group of relatives, as viewed by other relatives, to be of questionable integrity. Yes. That’s got to be it.

Yesterday Diane, Jean, Wynette, and I went to observe yet another loss by Maryssa’s team. I suspect she hit it right on the head when Maryssa saw me and said, “well there’s my bad luck.” She was smiling at the time so I’m sure she didn’t mean it. I, personally, thought her team was losing because I was taking all these pictures of her playing. So, I inadvertently left my camera home yesterday thinking, after realizing I didn’t have it, that it was probably not a bad thing, and they would win. But they didn’t. I was crushed because I thought it was the camera, but it was ME! I’m Maryssa’s bad luck person which means I can never ever attend another one of her games … no, wait! Her team lost games that I didn’t attend, so it couldn’t possibly be me. Maybe it’s the umpires. Yeah, that’s it! I should be one of those so these kids can get a fair shake. Maybe next year.

After the game, which started at 1300, we four returned to our house to await the arrival of any other relatives that could make it. We had Papa Murphy’s Pizza. When Jack got off work, he stopped by to retrieve his wife, Wynette. He visited for a little while as he ate his steak … which was one that was left over from our Saturday BBQ about which I’ve said nothing until just now.

This is Bob, Lydia, and Steffani watching Jack eat his steak …

This is Wynette and Jack … notice his nifty fireproof, electrically insulated suit with the fashionable reflective strips … that’s Diane, way in the background getting Jack’s steak out of the fridge …

Daniel dropped off Cedric and Jeran on his way to work. He would have dropped off Lydia, too, but she was already here. She stayed over Saturday night, which is probably the real reason Maryssa’s team lost on Sunday. No, wait! They won the first game, which I wasn’t allowed to attend. They lost the second one!

Jeff and Heather showed up with the three little people who added another element of excitement for everyone. When they got here, the bigger kidlets were out front to greet them. When Gilligan got out of the car she ran to Maryssa like she’d known her all her life when, in fact, that was their first meeting. Baylee ran to me, then to Diane when she got outside. Jerrie can’t walk yet so I took the car carrier from Heather and took her inside and freed her to scoot around the house.

Since it was an extremely nice day, the kids went to the back yard and ran themselves ragged. Ziva and Daisy came to visit, too. Ziva was very happy to see everyone, but just as happy to go home.

At one point, Gilligan disappeared and was discovered relieving one of our pink peonies of all its blossoms, and throwing them into the air. Lydia joined her. This is what it looked like:

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? We managed to salvage a few which were passed out to various  older folks. After letting the petals fly, I finally managed to get all the kids to sit still so they could give me this …

This is Cedric, Lydia, Gilligan, Baylee, Maryssa, Jerrie, and Heather. Jeran would have been in the picture, too, but he’d had enough frivolity and decided to walk home. Jennie was home, sick, and he was concerned. He’s that kind of guy. She did come up briefly, to say her goodbyes to those from Idaho, but kept her distance for fear of sharing her good fortune to catch whatever it is she has.

After everyone left, except our Idahodians, and Lydia, who stayed last night, again, Maryssa and Lydia were allowed to play with makeup and a curling iron. They were in Cedric and Jeran’s room, where Maryssa was sleeping, for a very long time. The door was shut and no one was allowed in until they were done. This is what Maryssa was doing to Lydia …

I guess it’s OK because Lydia is now a teenager and has to practice being alluring. She looked so cute I took this picture, also …

I think the only makeup used was eye liner and maschera. Since Lydia’s hair is normally straight, it obvious what the curling iron was used for.

After Bob, Steffani, and Maryssa departed, Lydia and I worked all day weeding the flower bed under the rhododendron hedge out front. It’s not really a flower bed because there aren’t any flowers unde the hedge … it’s just dirt with a lot of weeds … like this …

Lydia picked up all the weeds and took them to the burn pile … she must have made 5 or 6 trips. I don’t really remember. She stuck with me the entire day, never complaining.

Now I’m tired, and it’s time to go to bed. G’nite.

8 thoughts on “Family, Goodbyes, and Weeding

    • I remember Uncle Lynn. Genetics are funny. Aunt Marge’s son Brad looks like my Dad too. I don’t think I look like any body. Off to Arizona this morning to see my Dad and Mom, my step brother and wife are there from Iowa so I get to see them too. Love Kathie

  1. Glad my hardworking Lydia was helpful to you. Wish I could have visited longer, was great to see Bob, Steph, and Maryssa. Will have to plan another get together soon..three years is just too long!

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