The Garden

Have you ever had one of those days where events overcome you to the point where you just don’t get anything significant accomplished? If so, please tell me what it’s like to have that happen as something out of the ordinary because that’s the way my life is every day. From the time I arise, to the time I arest.

Let’s look at today, for instance …

I got up at a fairly normal time, for me, and was out working by 9:00 am. Diane’s been wanting me to plant the tomatoes in the little area we have outside the kitchen, but it still needed to be cleaned up. Before I went to Connecticut I had spaded it all up, and that’s where it was this morning, but the grass had begun to grow again so I thought it was going to be a tough job. So, I pulled out the old Mantis tiller and went to work to get it running, but that didn’t work out well. While priming the engine, by pushing that little bulb thingie, I managed to split it open causing it to leak a little gas. But, I did manage to get it started, I just couldn’t keep it running. Thinking it was the bulb, I went to a local repair shop and bought a new one. I also bought an air filter, something the Mantis hasn’t had for about 4 years now.

When I got home I proudly showed Diane the new and old bulbs, but the air filter simply disappeared. Really, it did. I know for a fact I brought it in the house from the car, but I couldn’t find it. Normally losing something like that drives me nuts, which is a pretty quick trip, but today I managed to remain calm as I tried to retrace my steps to find it. That proved to be difficult, because I couldn’t remember where I’d been before I discovered it was missing. Both of us search the house, the car, everything, but it’s gone.

After replacing the bulb, I decided to just run it without the filter since it was running just fine without it before, but it still wouldn’t stay running. So, I got to looking around and wound up dismantling the carburetor. I got it all cleaned up and reinstalled, but it still wouldn’t stay running. All symptoms pointed to a clogged fuel filter, but I wasn’t sure where it was. I finally found it at the end of the fuel line in the gas tank. It was pretty clogged and the fuel line kind of disintegrated in my hand, so figure I’ll need to replace that before I can make it work properly. Everyone should be really proud of me, however, for getting it all back together without destrying it.

Since the Mantis wasn’t going to help me, I decided to just bite the bullet, for now, and get busy with the manual version of getting rid of the grass and weeds. Armed with a handy Polasky, a pitchfork, and a rake, I was making real progress when Diane bid me adieu to go work at the St. Helens Senior Center to serve lunch. She does this once a month. I help sometimes, and offered to help today, but she thought she was OK and would have enough help to get it done. So, I remained in the mud … did I mention it was raining? … plugging away. That was about 11:00 am.

At 11:25 am Jennie showed up to tell me Diane needed me at the Senior Center because no one showed up to help. She needed me. After taking a shower, Jennie drove me and Cedric to the rescue. When we got there, some of the helper folks had arrived, but there was still a need. I was going to help serve the meals, but it wasn’t getting dished up quick enough for 3 servers, so I just sat down to eat at one of the tables. Once I was done, however, things got busy … my job was to scrape all the uneaten food off the dishes and place them in dishwater as a pre-rinse for the sterilizer machine. It’s actually an easy job but I had to keep reminding myself to NOT lick the spatula I was using on the plates. That wouldn’t have been good.

Finally, it was done and we returned home where I re-donned my wet, dirty work clothes, and returned to my garden chores. The tomatoes got planted as well as the cucumber plant. This is our second cucumber plant because the first one died on the porch before we could get it in the ground. Poor thing is still out there, all brown with all of it’s arms hanging over the edge of the pot like someone shot it. It’s kinda sad. I think tomorrow I’ll take it out and bury it next to the new cucumber and put a little cross up for it.

Right about the time I finished with the garden, it was time to get ready for my monthly Church Council meeting. Weird, huh? Me on Church Council? How, you may wonder, did that happen? Adding to your consternation, I must report that I’ve been involved with our Church Council for many, many years. At one point I was President for 8 years in a row. I initiated the concept of an agenda, and made everyone follow it, unlike all the meetings for the preceding 95 years. They just went off in all sorts of directions making things really confusing for someone like me who thrives on order and discipline.

When I returned from the meeting, Diane was still in the basement where I left her. She’s been watching our oldest TV in the newly reorganized family room area of the basement. It looks like this:

The plan is to remove the big TV from the upstairs living room and put it against the knotty pine wall. Then, if we want to watch TV, we’ll have to go down there … or into the man room where I have one hanging on the wall over Diane’s computer monitor.

Diane did all the work in the basement and it looks really good. One day I’ll have to take a picture of all the stuff that’s behind where I was standing to take the above picture. It’s a mess. Boxes, and boxes of “stuff”, a foosball table, a computer station, a piano, and the laundry room. Stuff just everywhere, with paths to make it easier to get through. Looks a little like one of those hoarder’s places you see on HGTV once in a while, except you can actually see most of our floor. Using that as a comparison, I guess ours really isn’t that bad.

Now I’ll leave you with some pictures. First is Cedric on the roof where he went to retrieve Panzee’s sock monkey … it’s a squeeky toy that she just can’t leave alone. She’s had it for a long time and hasn’t hurt it a bit …

Next is Lydia’s softball team celebrating the end of their season. One of the coaches, Jennifer, gave each girl a gift basket that had a softball in it. Here they are passing them around to get all the girl’s signatures. I think Lydia is covering up because she tossed a ball up and it didn’t make it to the girl behind her. Either that, or someone said something colorful …

Next is one of my favorite sunsets ever. It was taken on the island of Hawaii in 2009 …

And here’s one of my favorite sunrises, taken from our back porch. That Mt. Hood under the cloud in the middle. I think it blew up that day, but I’m not sure.

I guess that just goes to show you that Hawaii hasn’t got anything on Oregon.

Hope everyone is well, or getting better from not being well, or as well as you can be, all things considered. If you’re reading this, things could be a lot worse … you have a computer, and many don’t … you can see … you have a mouse and know how to use it so at least one of your arms and hands work … you’re probably sitting upright in a chair right now without a seat belt … and you have time to waste.

Later …

2 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. You can always tell where Lydia is located on the field because she is the “only” girl without her under armor! Individual, all the way! Gotta love her. . . .

  2. Hey we got a tv just like you guys…I told Tom no flat screen till this one dies….I think this one will be around for a long time…Nice room, and looks cozy… And we went to the coast for 4 days and we lost my set of car keys to Toms car…grrrr..and Im sure he used them last……Hope you find your filter, the keys with the remote are going to be a little spendy I think… Take care of yourself Diane… Linda

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