A Busy Day


Yesterday is gone,
and tomorrow awaits, but
it’s now the present.

OK – I’m bummed. Guess what happens when you create a WordPress entry on an iPad and kill the screen before publishing it … it disappears. I did that twice today, then decided to wait until I got home. I was really in to it, too, making all kinds of sage comments about pretty much everything in the universe. It’s sad that all those words are just whispers in the wind because they’re gone, and I’ll never be able to recreate them, except for all the pronouns and adjectives. And a contraction or two.

Making it even worse, I have the iPad plugged in on my desk and it’s getting all of this direct from my computer. That just doesn’t seem fair. Now I have to remember all the things I did today.

Let’s see … I took Diane to the doctor this morning and a new diagnosis was rendered regarding her stomach pain that may Ruth may find interesting. The doc she saw thinks the trouble may be some exotic bacteria that she got from contanimated water. I call it exotic because I can’t spell it. Can’t pronounce it, either. Coupled with this is some newfound knowledge that Diane learned either on the news or in the funny papers, they are pretty much the same, that leaving a Britta container with the filter on the counter isn’t a good thing because it grows this nasty bacteria. Now, that must be in the really small print on the filter wrapper because that’s not something either of us knew. Actually, I didn’t really care until I found out it might be a bad thing.

Anyway, when we stayed at Moses Lake, guess what? We left that container on the counter for a week, refilling it whenever it got low. Seemed to work OK and Diane thought her innards were dissolving because of all the Mexican food we had to eat up there. But it wasn’t. It was the nasty bacteria from the Britta filter container. The simple cure for that is to put the water container in the refrigerator. That’s OK, if there was room.

Now, I didn’t get sick on this trip like Diane, so it was hard to track down the culprit. After one dose of Cipro she’s already better. That started killing the bacteria and the flagyl she’s going to take will flush it all out like one of those new pressure toilets … whooosh! It’s pretty dramatic, I’m told.

I’m getting way ahead of myself …

After the doctor we went directly to the Rite Aide pharmacy to get the meds. Since it was going to take 30 minutes, we thought we may as well get a breakfast sandwich from Burgerville which was just across the bowling alley parking lot. It was 10:10am. I remember. It was good. Then I got the meds and we went by Jennies to get her and Cedric. They only live across the street from Burgerville so it was a quick trip. Then we went to our house to let the dogs run for a bit before we abandoned them for our trip to Portland.

First up was a trip to Olive Garden for lunch. That was Cedric’s choice, and a good one. I ate spaghetti and didn’t get any on me. It. Was. Amazing. I normally wear a red shirt so no one can tell, but didn’t know I was eating spaghetti today and had on a light brown one. It was OK, though, because Diane sat next to me and watched me like a hawk, snatching splatters right out of the air before they hit me. It was quite impressive and drew moderate applause from customers at nearby tables. As a result, my shirt remained spot free until we got home and our at, Breezie, jumped on me with muddy feet. Really nice, but totally in character.

After lunch we went to Costco. Jennie wanted something but we didn’t really need to go but bought a camping lantern out of guilt because it’s illegal to go to a Costco, anywhere, and not buy something. It’s a rule. After the purchase we decided we hadn’t spent quite enough so went to the Costco gas station for a fillup. Rounding up, we met the $85 minimum and were able to leave the area with a clear conscience.

From Costco we went directly to the Target store that was the furthest away. The main reason we went there was so Jennie and Cedric could get slushies. Apparently Target makes the best ones. I declined to exit the vehicle, choosing instead to remain behind and capture the days events on my iPad, which I lost twice, as I previously mentioned.

Finally, we departed for home, arriving about 5:00pm. I was coming down from a sugar high from the lunch, and couldn’t stay awake so sat on the couch waiting for 6:00pm for Jeran’s fly up ceremony from sixth to seventh grade. It was also a pot luck so we got supper. A twofer. Jeran’s class put on a fun little skit and we had a good meal.

From there I took Diane home then met Jennie and Cedric at Campbell Park for Lydia’s softball game. Her team played a 16U tournement team and beat them 7-5. Lydia pitched the last two innings and the girls played awesome, blanking the other team. Then, I was allowed to go home. Cedric came with me and I loaned him a pair of jammies  and I did this. If you read this far, I’m sure you feel cheated unless you are really, really interested in what I do.

Tomorrow I’ll edit this and add pictures.

4 thoughts on “A Busy Day

  1. He really does go on. . . . and on. . . .ya’ think? The bacteria is Guardia and he forgot to say that I am still “not” eating. But the pitiful thing for me is that I still will not lose an ounce.

    • No, it can’t be Guardia. I distinctly remember you telling me it was something with a really long, complex name that ended in “itis”, or something like that.

  2. He also forgot the second reason for the shopping trip…the cool Nike golf bag for Cedric. But I am glad he did not post the picture of me pouting..thank you Daddy. Lol.

    • Actually, I had that information in the first two versions I did that disappeared into the ozone. And, I still have that picture … thanks for reminding me …

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