Flying Away

As I packed my things this morning, the finality of this journey came home to me. Though the family assured me that my presence was very meaningful to them all, I know for sure that I’m taking away more than I brought.

Thank you Ruth, Larry, Cheryl, Carol, Allen, Martin, Valerie, Susan, Sarah, Laura Laura, Heather, Jay, Justin, Alicia, Julie, Jeffrey, and Arianna for making me feel more important than I really am.

I’m humbled.

Now we must all go our own ways for a short time and heal from this loss. It’s an unfillable void in our lives, but time will round off the edges making it more tolerable. Really, it will. You all know this is true.

Now, about that last group photo of the girls … that’s going to be framed.

Love you all, and Thanks to my lovely bride for this opportunity. ILY

2 thoughts on “Flying Away

  1. Miss you already. Thanks again for all your support, help, info sharing, love and great Cate humor. Safe travels.

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