It Is Done

Today was an emotional drain on me because everything kind of cascaded to a close, and I wasn’t ready for it. Like fireworks … just when they’re at their best, they wink out.

Now, I don’t expect that kind of finality to this because I feel connected now, unlike I ever was in the past. Sure, we’re related, and all that, but it’s always been a long distant relationship that really didn’t require emotional involvement. We’re way beyond that, now, and I don’t regret a second of it.

The course of this day began relatively early, around 7am. With Ruth and I in the same room I feared there may be a logjam, relatively speaking, in the bathroom area, but that didn’t happen. We managed to co-habitate without a problem. We didn’t argue even one time. Actually, we rarely saw each other yesterday while she was with the wedding party, and by the time we got back to the room last night we were both pretty beat. She was out like a light. Neither of us took our cpap’s so it was a race to sleep before the other started snoring. She won, hands down, and really didn’t snore. I’m sure I did.

After rising, we went down to the eating area and rearranged all the tables into one long unit, then filled all the chairs. I think there were about 20 of us sitting there munching on waffles, bagels, sipping coffee and hot chocolate, and having a great time visiting.

Then it was time to depart. Cheryl, Allen, and Laura remained behind as the other seven of us headed back to Connecticut. Before getting too far, however, we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for coffee – DD is the coffee place for this part of the world and I can see why. They are about half the price of Starbucks, and it’s pretty good coffee. Still, a Starbucks would be good once in a while. Guess I’m hooked on that franchise … that and my hazelnut creamer.

As on the trip over, I sat in the back as Sarah wielded her ambulance driving skills, getting us back to the house in fine shape. I spent most of my time editing yesterday’s blog entry, something I’ve never done in the past. Normally you get what I type on the first pass. But, I needed to ensure details were correct, and I added pictures as Diane requested.

Shortly after getting home, we had tuna sandwiches in order to prime our tastebuds for the BBQ steak and/or chicken that was being served up for supper. The rest of the family was coming back to attend in this gala event. Larry and I put the BBQ on the little back porch, from under the covered area, just as the first little pitter patter of rain started. After he got it going, it rained in earnest, and has been doing so pretty much the rest of the day. But, the steaks we cooked beautifully. Don’t know about the chicken, but it looked good. Sarah made the salad, and everyone else brought something to share. I didn’t bring anything except an appetite and apparently that was adequate.

It was an excellent meal filled with many conversations going on at the same time and made me feel right at home. There was a brief pause when Laura wanted to show us a video of Jeffrey, but her SD chip is Sony specific so I couldn’t display it on the iPad. So, in an inspirational move, I suggested we use Ruth’s laptop instead. It had a card reader.

So, as directed, Laura stuffed the card in the reader slot and in promptly disappeared for the same reason I couldn’t show it on the iPad. It was a brilliant move on my part and will be, no doubt, the source of a few stories about me and my technical prowess. Both Larry and I worked on it for a while and, at one point, I snapped off the end of a seam ripper that fell into the slot with the missing card. The seam ripper seemed like a good idea at the time because toothpicks didn’t work.

After making things worse, I backed away and left the rescue to Larry who managed to get the card, and the sharp pointy tip of the seam ripper out of the slot. Thankfully, the computer still works just fine.

Soon it was time for everyone to filter out and head home themselves. It was a sad moment for each of them, and sad for me because as each one departed, my sadness compounded. I’ve only been here a week, but it seems I’ve been here forever. It’s that comfortable. Perhaps if I was required to do something constructive, or meaningful, my tune might change, but I doubt it.

Now it’s time for me to stop and go to bed. My plane leaves at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon and I must be at the airport by 1pm. After getting up, that time will fly, I have no doubts.

I would add a picture, but do not have the energy to look through them right now. Since arriving, I’ve added about 3,000 pictures to my iPad. That includes all the wedding pictures taken from three cameras. Once, home, I’ll use my computer to make it right.

One thought on “It Is Done

  1. Travel safely, my love. I too, am headed to bed, to finally kick out this virus and be ready for your arrival with a happy face! ILY. Me

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