Golfing, Softball and Other Stuff

On this day in 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, unleashing the dragon that would ultimately claim victory … no, wait! That’s was December 7th, not May 7th.

Let’s see … what happened on May 7th ?

  • 1901 – Gary Cooper was born. My Dad was a year older than Gary. Gee, Dad could have been an actor.
  • 1902 – Mount Pele, on Carribean island Martinique burying the port city of Saint Pierre within minutes and virtually everyone died instantly.
  • 1915 – A German submarine sank the Lusitania. Of the 1,959 passengers and crew, 1,198 drowned.
  • 1945 – Germany surrendered to the Allies.
  • 1954 – France was defeated at Dien Bien Phu.
  • 1998 – Daimler-Benz purchased Chrysler.
  • 2012 – Jerrie played another terrible round of golf with Doug, but he got one par, and Lydia pitched her second full game, winning 5-1.

I’d show you a gofing picture, but didn’t take any. I was too busy hitting my ball … over, and over, and over. My first shot off the first tee went all of 20 feet. Though it landed in the fairway, we couldn’t find it because the grass was about 1 foot tall. So, I hit another one and it went about a zillion yards, landed in the bottom of the first dip, in the fairway, but we couldn’t find it. So, I hit another one that went about 40 feet and remained visible in the fairway. I was so happy! It took me about 10 more shots to make the green, and I finished with a 2-putt. That’s pretty much the entire story for the game except for the 7th hole. I was actually on the green in 2 and finished with a 30 foot putt for par. It was totally awesome. It was downhill and was barely rolling when it dropped in the hole. It was the same hole I parred last week. Go figure.

Lydia’s game was far more fun. 

Here she is, wearing her favorite eyewear, displaying pretty good form. The girls are a ton of fun to watch. The team they played is from Clatskanie and they’re playing them in a double header next Saturday, in Clatskanie. It will be fun.

Lydia’s inspiration for playing is her cousin, Maryssa …

… daughter of Steffani …

… Granddaughter if brother Jim …

That’s Jim watching TV. I think I shared a different view of this event in a previous entry. I like this one the best because there was no need for me to use my redeye correction feature.

After the game we came home and I downloaded the 400 pictures I took at Lydie’s game. I had that many because I discovered a handy setting that allowes me to take 4 frames a second for as long as I hold the button down. Nifty. Not many of them were worth a hoot, but they were fun to take. I’m still learning.

4 thoughts on “Golfing, Softball and Other Stuff

  1. I’m glad Lydia loves softball. Maryssa had a double that scored the winning run to end the game tonight securing them a trip to the state tournament. Looking forward to our trip to Oregon next month. Wish we could come there twice and skip Vegas.

  2. She hit 500 awhile back and only stayed there until the next game. Then she had a little slump and dropped down to .421 I think. She has crept back up to .453. Not bad. She has the 2nd highest batting average on her team and only has one strike out on the season. Fun year it has been!

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