Dr. Appointment, GWB, Lunch, and Thomas

Today was “Recovery Day” for us. You know, getting back into the swing of doing nothing after spending a few days away from the house. Seems like we were gone for weeks instead of just three nights. I suspect that in the depths of some analyst’s brain that means we had a good time, and that would be correct. I’ve told you about that, though.

I had a VA appointment at 11:30 so we had to get up early to ensure we had enough time to get an after breakfast nap before we had to leave at 10:30. But, instead of the nap, we sat in our recliners and watched some of the recorded shows we missed while away from the abode. I forget what we watched, but they were good shows. Otherwise, we wouldn’t record them.

Diane got me to the appointment in time then went to spend some time at the GWB to await my call while I was basking under the watchful eyes of various nurses, the security guard, and the doctor. I was good the entire time.

The shows ended about 9:30 for me because I had to do some damage control on the RV by sealing the back window. Yersterday afternoon I tore all the old sealant off and threw it willy-nilly around in the driveway, for which I will pay dearly at some future date. I was supposed to have until tomorrow before the rain came but all of the weathermen lied to us, again. It started sprinkling so I had to fix it this morning instead of this afternoon as planned. That’s OK, now, because it’s done. Tomorrow I’ll find out if the fix worked.

After the VA appointment we went to the Helvetia Tavern for lunch. We’ve never been there before so it was a treat. We met Jerry1, Jerry3, Nelda, Coleen, Tom, and Vie. I got to sit at the end of the table between Tom and Vie. Tom had shorts on, like normal, so I got to play witht he hair on his leg. I discovered that Tom doesn’t purr like the cat .. he doesn’t like anyone to pet him. Or, maybe it’s just me he didn’t like petting him. I’m not sure. He didn’t say. He just kept slapping my hand. Tom also got himself in a heap of trouble by making fake sign language gestures at Diane, which I did to explain how I communicate when she asks me to repeat myself. He did that every time she looked our way, which was a lot, so he has a bunch of punishment coming. But not from Diane. She’s going to tell Linda, who didn’t come along because she was babysitting. Wow! I think I just did that. Sorry Tom, but your earned whatever you get. Take it like the hairy legged man you are.

As a group, we were very noisy and I’m surprised we were allowed to stay after the hamburgers, which were delicious, were gone. The management even contributed by giving us more caffeine which we accepted with the understanding that the noise was OK. Actually, the noise came mostly from Jerry1. I can talk about him because he doesn’t read this, and he generally has difficulty getting his computer to function in a manner he can understand. He’s getting better at it, but it’s still a challenge. The reason for that is because the love of his life did all the computer work before she left this mortal plane and ascended to a world where all horses run free. Jerry named his car for her.

After lunch we buzzed on home to let the dogs out, then I dropped Diane at her Mom’s for a visit while I went to the Lion’s newspaper drop boxes to make sure there wasn’t any garbage in them. People do that. There wasn’t any so I went back to Mom’s, visit a bit, then drug Diane home by the hair. She didn’t want to leave.

Once home I checked the RV for leaks. There weren’t any. Then, and 6:00 pm I went to the High School to help Lydia with her pitching. But, my glove was in the PT, in Portland, and we didn’t have any balls because the coach failed to show. So, we waited until 6:20, then I took her home.

I’m leaving you on a sad note today because the Walters family lost Thomas today. He’s been very sick for a long time. So, think good dog thoughts for Thomas. He was a very good dog.

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