Home Safe!

Greetings Everyone … miss me? Probably not, and that’s OK because I haven’t been faithful to any of you. My mind is straying and I’m involved in new endeavors which drain my brain to the point that I don’t know what I did most of the time. I was able to salvage a wee bit of information that I will now gladly share with you in the hopes it might hold you, once again, for a few days. If it doesn’t, feel free to let me know you need some sort of data dump and I’ll share whatever is pertinent at the time.

Let’s, see … last Friday we loaded the RV with everything we could find that we could easily pick up, then went to a couple of the neighbors to get some of their stuff. Even then there was a little room left so we stopped at Fred Meyers to fill in the voids. It’s important to take six times as much stuff as you need for any kind of trip, especially one like this. One of the most important items we took was Diane’s contribution to the Friday and Saturday pot luck. She made a crock pot full of taco soup. I mean, it was really, really, full. There may have been 1/8 of an inch between the soup and the top of the pot. We put it in an Avon box, hoping it would contain the spillage, and were amazed that it hardly lost a drop. Guess the rig rides OK. But, when I parked, we weren’t perfectly level so had to find a shim to put under the pot so it would run over while we heated it up. Had to do that with the coffee pot, too.

Here’s what the Hood River County Fair Ground grounds looked like …

Our rig is the one on the right. There’s another one directly behind us that looks like the one next to us. There were seven old Winnebagos there and we had a great time with their owners.

The reason we gather in Hood River, besides getting the RVs out, and visiting, is to attend the annual Blossom Festival at the fair grounds. It’s an artsy crafty event at which we spent far more than planned, but they were essential to our well being.

I mentioned that Friday & Saturday were pot lucks, but that’s not correct. Every moment of all three days was a pot luck. It was awesome. The theme was Mexican so we had some excellent food choices in addition to some traditional favorites like snicker doodles, German chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, and other necessities like that. No one went away hungry, even one of the vendors who let her dog stray into our area and just stuck around to eat once she caught up to it. No one was willing to dis-invite her after she sat down. Interesting evening.

We had an arts & crafts table …

when it wasn’t full of food …

We had an impromptu dump station competition which was really unfair because there was only one entrant … of course he won first place with a combined total of 33 points from the four volunteer judges …

The area surrounding the fair grounds was a sea of orchards bursting into bloom and the scenery was quite stunning …

Kind of like one of thos 1000 piece puzzles, isn’t it?

We stayed an extra night and drove home today. It wasn’t a sad parting because we’ll all be going to Moses Lake next month for a huge Winnebago/Itasca ralley. Should be fun.

Everyone will be pleased to learn that we got 9.05 mpg on this trip. That’s pretty good because the general average for these things is 8 mpg.

Now, if the generator only ran, and the back window didn’t leak, we’d be in fine shape. Guess you know what I’ll be working on …

One thought on “Home Safe!

  1. I did miss you guys…never got to chuckle all weekend…. and also missed you guys at the luncheon today…Next month hopefully.. Had a chance to babysit my great niece Kamalia…What a cutie patootie… Linda

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