Hi there! I’m a dog. A nervous little barky dog with an annoyingly shrill voice. I use it a lot, too, to keep everyone on the edge. It gets me a lot of attention. Since I’m a Toy Poodle, it’s important that I get a lot of attention.

I’m the new guy in the family, at least for the dogs. Cats don’t count. They annoy me because they’re all bigger than me. It’s just not fair. There’s got to be some kind of pet out there smaller than me. Maybe a gerbil. Or a hamster. I could handle one of those.

My people rescued me from an abusive situation a few years ago. The abuse was from people, but other dogs. Girl dogs. We were suppsed to make puppies, but they were lesbians and ganged up on me. It was awful. They wouldn’t let me eat, or nothing. When I was rescued I weighed 4 lbs and I was a year old! I was way under weight. I had no body fat at all. The groomer wouldn’t cut my snarly hair, that had been growing since I was a puppy, until I gained some weight. Finally having my own food bowl, in a comfortable place, made gaining weight easy and I was up to 6 lbs in no time at all. Then I got my hair cut. It wasn’t too bad but I looked like a curly black Chihuahua with a short nose and a whacked off tail. This is what I looked like before the haircut …

… and here I am after the first haircut …

But, it all grew back and now I’m a handsome little devil with a decent haircut.

Before the rescue, I was living in a tiny little kennel in the middle of a huge tiled room. The tile was white. I don’t like white tile at all. I don’t walk on white tile. I generally don’t walk anywhere that there’s not a rug of some sort. Except the garage. I’ll walk there. No problem. It’s one of the ways I get to go outside and bark at stuff. One day I think I barked at a coyote. Ziva saved me though. It might have been a leaf. I’m not sure. I just know it moved. I bark at everything that moves. Almost.

Back to haircuts … I love to run through the yard right after I get a new one. Usually it’s taller than me and it gets my fur to lay down a little better than the fluff job the barber gives me. They used to put sissy bows in my hair, but I told my person that wasn’t cool so they don’t do that any more. I tolerate the neckerchiefs they always tie around my neck, but I don’t really like them either, unless they’re black. I like black stuff. Panzee has black hair on parts of her. I like that, but I don’t like much of the brown hair and fur. It makes me want to jump on her back and just start ripping it out by the mouthful. But I don’t. I’m little, but I think I’ve got her attention so she won’t mess with me. I have attitude. Lots of it.

I love my home. I get to sleep on the bed. I’m not supposed to play on the computer and I hear someone coming. My fingers are tired anyway, so I’m qutting. Ouch, dang! I think I broke another nail …

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