Hello! I’m a dog two, but i ain’t so gud a tiping lik ziva be caws my nales are two long. but i will do my best and ziva iz goin to hep me.

the day i waz born it was a dark n dreary night. It was rainin and the sun waz so brite I had to squint reel hard so I wudent go blind. Sumwhere n the dissanse a cat cried. Thin mom slapped at me with her tongue and I don’t member nuthin affer that ’til 2005 whin i got to go liv wiff ziva’s peeple. Really, they wer mi peeple first, not ziva’s, ’cause i was ther first. But, i came attached to a nother peeple who ignored me so when ziva showed up i picked sides and went with the best odds for survival. I new who bo8ght the fud.

Befor going to that house i lived in a cage by a house, in the mud, for about 2 yeers. so when they first got me to my new hom they wuddent let me in the house befor washing me. I had never been washed befor so it was a new an scary esperience, let me tell u! They put me in tha yard and turned loose with a high presser hose that ’bout knocked me down off my feet. Scared me a whole bunch. Then they scrubbed me wiff bubbly stuff that burned my eyes and tasted reel bad. Then thay hit me wiff the hose again. Then bubbled me again! I kept my eyes squished real tight that time, and didn’t lick anythin. After the secund hosing they let me go and I jumped right out of that yard to the patio and shook off all that water. Then they dried me and let me in the house. I vowed to NEVER go in that yard agin, but I only lasted 2 weeks before somethin caught my eye that I had to chase. I think it was a cat or maybee my friend, the little black dog, Ziggy. Ziggy was really, really old. Like 18 people years. Right after he left, ziva showed up.

Hey! I think I’m figuring out how to use this keyboard. That, and Ziva just showed me how to turn on the spell checker. How handy is that? I feel smarter already!

Anyway, not long after Ziva appeared in my life, we all moved to a different house with a HUGE yard. It turned out that Ziva was a runner, and I tended to release my sheep persona with her, and followed. Consequently, I always got in trouble, but not as much as Ziva. I think my people knew that I went to make sure Ziva was never alone. Except for once when she got caught under a porch for a couple of days. I was kind of her “911” caller, like Diane is for the old guy that lives here.

Life has been really good right up until about 2 months ago when this stupid cat decided she wanted to live here, too. Our people even named her. And, they took her to the vet to have her fixed. I figured that would give us some quiet time because she’d be zonked on drugs for a few days, not able to get away from me. But, turns out, she was already neutered so all she got was shots. She was home the same day. I’ve been keeping a close eye on her since she was first allowed in the house and she really doesn’t like it. So, of course, I tend to follow her a lot more intensely than I normally would. Actually, I’m just daring her to run. It’s all about the chase because I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I caught her, which isn’t likely. Ziva told me to be careful because she’s got really sharp finger nails.

My favorite toy is my sock monkey. I’ve had my eye on him for a few months but didn’t pay him much attention because all he did was lay there. Then, someone squeezed him and he talked! Well, he didn’t really talk, he squeaked which is even better! I used to have a squirrel that squeaked, but I haven’t seen it in a long time and didn’t know I missed him until sock monkey squeaked for me. Now he’s my constant companion and is the only thing I’ll fetch for a person. I love my sock monkey. Here’s a picture of the two of us next to the bowl of food I dumped on the floor when I was moving my bowl to another room.

I move my food bowl around so Ziva won’t eat it. Then, when she doesn’t eat hers soon enough, I’ll just take her bowl, too. Things even out, though, because she eats everything I spill. I think she’s getting the better end of the food deal, but I don’t have to eat mine off the floor with dog and cat hair in it.

Now I’m sad because I got to thinking about my squirrel with the squeaker in it’s tail and wonder how I’m going to explain sock monkey if her ever shows up again. I suppose they would get along OK because they both live in trees, but you never know.

I think my brain is empty, and my feet are getting tired with all this typing so I’m going to quit.

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