Sock Monkeys, Socks, and Jack

Panzee’s got a sock monkey. She wasn’t very impressed with it, and ignored it until she discovered that it squeaked. Now she carries it everywhere. I’m sure the reason for that is because she has no idea where her squirrel is. It squeaks, too, and she’s had that for years. Really. She just bites it enough to make it squeak but she doesn’t rip on it. Pretty amazing.

I had to fix the floor drain in the basement, again. You’d think fixing it once would be enough, but nooooo. Not this drain. It only runs over when the washing machine empties so I know for sure that what’s causing it is all the little tiny pieces of wet lint that gets sucked out by the washer. Either that, or some socks. Some of those are missing, like normal.

This evening Diane, me, and Diane’s Mom, Jean, went to the Warren Community Fellowship church to witness their presentation of “He’s More Than Just a Man” musical. There were 70+ people in costume for the event, and Jack sang two solos. Quite impressive. Jack was a Sanhedrin Man but I didn’t get any pictures on my camera because I used Jack’s for the performance. I gotta tell you that I never, ever thought Jack would look good in makeup, but he does. From the looks of tonight’s performance, he’s ready for Boogie (Bugis) Street in Singapore. I did get this shot of Diane’s socks before they turned out the lights. Nice, huh?

The steering wheel in the RV is still laying around in pieces waiting for the new blinker thingie. It’s supposed to be here on Monday. The new awning is supposed to show up on Wednesday.

Diane got the car washed because she heard it’s supposed to be nice all weekend. Guess what! She made it rain, and she knows better than to flaunt the weatherman by getting the car washed at the first little hint of blue sky. I have to admit, however, that it looks pretty nice.

Now I’m going to eat a snack and go to bed before it turns to fat.

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