Wheeezie The RV

Today’s word is “Fix The Turn Signal Thingie” on the RV. OK, that’s really five words, but it’s only one task that involves a whole bunch of steps. After Diane left me alone, again, this morning, to take her Mom, Jean, to quilting, at the church, I followed orders and got busy. I  studied and studied the steering column, and removed a bunch of bolts holding it all together, but had to wait for Diane to return so I would have a ride to NAPA to get a new tool to pull the steering wheel off. I was actually allowed to go to NAPA by myself, in Diane’s car, so I went real slow to ensure I didn’t bruise it in any way. I got the tool for a bargain $9.85, returned home, pulled the steering wheel off, and totally dismantled everything I could find under the steering wheel. Now I need to go back to NAPA, tomorrow, and get a new blinker and wiring harness then figure out how to get it all back together without having any parts left over, or running out of parts before I’m done. I’m very confident I can do it. I tear stuff apart all the time and always manage to get it all back together. It’s a knack I have. They don’t always work right, but I get them back together.

I also fixed the clearance lights on the RV. That should count for extra credit.

Tonight was Taco Thursday at the Moose Lodge in Warren. I took Dan, Cedric, Lydia, and Jeran with me. I wasn’t going to eat, but it looked good so I had two hard shell tacos. They were only $1.50 each and two was way more than I could eat, but I did anyway. They are very generous with the food at the Moose Lodge. A plus this evening was I got to visit with Doug and Caroline while we ate. They never miss Taco Thursday. Tonight was special for another reason for me because it was the first time I had a chance to use my newly acquired key card for the lodge. Turns out I didn’t have enough knowledge to make it work until I visited with Doug. Now I have the proper education that will allow me entrance any time I want.

Now I’m home and that’s really good because it’s cold outside. It was cold inside, too, until I cranked up the heat a couple of degrees.

All that’s on the news right now is the autopsy report on Whitney Houston. Apparently that’s something everyone else in the world is really wanting to know about. The most shocking fact, we’re told, is that there’s evidence the Whitney had breast implants! OMG! I’m totally shocked! I mean, that just totally shatters all the good things I thought about her but, wait a minute. Isn’t it, like, a requirement that everyone in the entertainment industry, that wears a dress, must have breast implants. Seems to me the shocker would be that she didn’t have bigger hooters than what God gave her. Personally, I think they should just leave her alone. There’s way more important “stuff” going on in the world to consider.

It’s early, but I’m going to quit. Diane just came in the computer room to watch the pilot for “Missing”. We have two other episodes recorded, but she needs to see the pilot first. So, I queued it up on HULU for her to watch on her computer.

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