Day Thirteen – Nellis Air Force Base

It’s almost 8:00 pm and here we are, firmly ensconced in our room. In Las Vegas. What’s with that? Well, let me tell you.

The original plan was to attend the Donny & Marie concert at the Flamingo Theater, but apparently they found out and cancelled their concerts for the rest of the week. Diane and I suffered through a grueling 2.5 hour presentation to get those tickets, but Donny & Marie took them away by choosing to not show up. I say that, but don’t really know why the shows were cancelled, and hope it isn’t due to someone being hurt or ill. We seriously hope the isn’t the case. If it isn’t, and they cancelled simply because they discovered we were going to be there, I’ve decided that I’m no longer infatuated with Marie and demand that Diane also lose her childish lust for Donny. You should have seen here oogling over him when he was on “Dancing With The Stars”. Sure, he won, and he’s really cute when he looks at you in certain ways. But, c’mon! He’s a little bit rock ‘n roll, and Marie is country! The choice is obvious.

The unwanted phone call, alerting us about the cancellation, came as I was witnessing a truly life changing demonstration of a Vitamix blender at the base exchange on Nellis AFB. This is the home base for the Air Force Thunderbirds, the Air Force equivalent of the Navy’s Blue Angels. We drove down to the flight line, where the Thunderbirds Museum is located, and joined a group of people who were waiting for the Thunderbirds to return. During the wait other fighters were taking off, landing, and making low level passes over the runway. Very impressive, with lots of noise that jiggled us to the core. It was a good thing, though. Our lives revolved around the military for so long that it’s now part of our genetic code, and will not go away. Diane’s been known to say how much she loves that feeling of safety she gets when on a military base. The sights and sounds associated with being there just don’t go away, and are welcome. Missed, actually.

This is Diane walking to the entrance of the Thunderbirds Museum that had closed 25 minutes before we got there …


There I go, getting all melancholy again. Sorry.

Once we got the call that there would be no Donny & Marie tonight, we kind of lost ll interest in doing anything. I mean, we had the afternoon & evening all planned out. I even picked out the clothes I was going to wear, and everything. I put all away when we got back to the room, but I think I even had socks picked out. Me! Socks! Unheard of!

Anyway, after looking around the base, and getting the bad news, we motored back down Las Vegas Blvd to our accommodations. It was an uneventful trip. Diane drove to the front entrance and made me get out so I could talk with the Concierge Ladies about our lack of evening entertainment. They were all very nice about it but didn’t have a solution. Instead, they both pointed to the Welcome Desk Lady indicating that she would resolve this. The chosen replacement was tickets to VEGAS!, and dinner. That works. Regarding the Concierge Ladies, don’t get me wrong. They were very sympathetic, and friendly but apparently their computers do not allow them to make the substitutes necessary to rectify issues of this magnitude. Or, which is more likely, the Welcome Lady is who originally issued the Donny & Marie tickets so it was she who had to fix it.

While I was negotiating all of this, Diane had parked the vehicle, walked by, and went to the room. I followed shortly thereafter, but she wasn’t in the room when I got there. Then I remembered that I had left my iPad in the vehicle so went back down to get it. The Concierge Ladies, and the Welcome Lady said diane had come back looking for me and they told her I’s gone up to the room, which I had. It’s obvious that were passing each other in the elevators, somewhere around the 9th floor. I Got my iPad and was returning when Diane called, asking me to open the door so she could get into the room. She had left her door key in the room. So, instead of waiting for the elevator, I ran up all 17 flights of stairs as fast as I could. It wasn’t nearly as fast as the elevator, and I think the effort was lost on Diane because she’d been left standing in the hall. Because she forgot her key. Which wasn’t my fault. Honest.

Once we both got back in the room, at the same time, we decided to live it up a little and each ate one of our emergency Lean Cuisine TV dinners. I ate the one that had absolutely no flavor so it was OK that I ate two pieces of bread with it.

Then we went to the pool and laid in the sun for a while. Diane’s knee has been bothering her a lot so she got into the pool thinking the cool water would make it feel better, and it did. I took a picture of her exercising it while clinging to the side of the pool. But I used her phone to take the picture and she won’t let me get it. She wasn’t really exercising. She was standing in the water, draped on the edge, reading her Kindle. Naked. Of course you know that’s a lie but, technically, underneath that swimming suit, she was naked as a J-bird.

Does anyone really know what a J-bird is? Sounds like something that lives in Connecticut.

I think my brain is sufficiently drained that I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to ride the monorail all over the place.

One thought on “Day Thirteen – Nellis Air Force Base

  1. Im enjoying your vacation immensly..I feel like Im there with you 2..Too bad you didnt get to see D and M cause I here they do put on a great show. I ended up getting the flu on Thursday early a.m. hours so Tom was a very good nurse,,, Couldnt of survived without him.. I feel like Ive been through a knot hole… It was the worst Ive been in a long time.. Keep safe you 2….Enjoy the weather. Linda

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