Day Twelve – The Monorail and “O”

Hi there! Though I’m sure no one cares, today we got up semi-early so we could use our monorail tickets one more time before they expired at 2pm. We used that trip to go get our tickets for “O” at the Bellagio, and to scope out the route we had to take this afternoon to eat the Flamingo buffet then attend “O”. The Flamingo is 2.4 miles from our condo so we chose to use public transit in the form of the Las Vegas monorail. In total, walking to the LVH stop, walking from Bally’s to the Bellagio, walking back to the Bally’s stop, then walking from the LVH stop to our room covered a total of just under 3 miles. The reason for this is because they trick you by making you exit the monorail into a casino. There’s signs leading you to various streets, but they all point to the middle of the casino where they mysteriously disappear. Thankfully, the folks with brooms are more than happy to help point the way. Some even escorted us reporting that we aren’t the only people in the world who remarked about the disappearing signs. Pretty tricky, huh?

Then we returned to our room, had a bowl of cheerios, and took a nap until 3:30 pm in preparation for our assault of the Paradise Buffet at the Flamingo. We had to rest up for that.

On the way out of our facility, the lobby was full so I walked over to the concierge and asked, loudly, if they still had free monorail passes. I was surprised that those in the lobby didn’t make a run on the concierge, which was my intent. Instead they all stayed placidly put in their lines for the main desk. The concierge ladies got it, and reported that the free ones were all gone, but they had discount coupons for 2 day passes. That’s interesting because the normal machines only have 1 and 3 day passes. I mentioned this and was told it was something new that just started. So, we accepted t he passes and marched off.

This is Diane on the that trip. I used the stairs …

This is Diane a the biggest slot machine in the world … she lost $1.00

This is what we ate for our late lunch at the Flamingo …

After lunch, we wandered over to the Bellagio to get in line to enter the theater. This is Diane waiting for the doors to open along with the other 1798 people who were going to see “O” …

I took a picture of the people in front of us but, wait! There weren’t any. We were sitting in the front row! OMG! In the middle, almost. Close enough. Now, all I can say about “O” is that it’s a totally incredible show. Being in the front row, however, has it’s hazards. All I can say is that if you find yourself in that location, wear dark pants. I wore khaki pants. So, guess who got more water poured on them than anyone else in the front row? Well, me, of course. I think it was totally planned by the clowns who did it, just so it would be obvious that I got soaked. Diane got wet, too, but she had dark clothes on. She was thinking ahead, I do believe. By the time the show was over I was almost dry, so it was totally OK. Lots of fun. Oh, and it really was clowns who got me wet.

On the way out of the show we stopped on a bridge to watch the Bellagio water show. It’s quite impressive, too.

Now it’s 11:11 pm and time to stop. Good night.

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