Day Ten – Off to Las Vegas


We were up at the crack of dawn, packed everything up, and were on the road by 8:30 am, and made it to Las Vegas, unscathed, by noon. At 1:00 pm Diane hit a jackpot on a quarter machine for $86,437.00. As she was cashing in, a young nubile girl walked up to me and attached herself to my arm and said Diane sent her over thinking I needed company while I waited for her … then I woke up.

It was 9:30 am. Diane was reminding, in a fairly loud manner, that we only had 30 minutes before we had to check out of the condo. She already had everything in the kitchen boxed up, ready for transport. As I left the bedroom, she entered and started filling the suitcases. What a gal. All I had to do was hurk all of it down three flights of stairs to the vehicle. There is no elevator in any of the buildings. And, I lied because I only had to hurk everything down one floor.

By the way, the above picture is of our room. It’s the corner unit on the top floor. I already shared our view out the front, so don’t need to do that again, do I?

We chose to head north a little ways and take State Road 76 to I-15, which goes smack through the middle of Las Vegas. Before we got to SR-76 Google Maps told me we could take Oceanside Blvd to SR-76, and get off I-5 a little sooner. What we learned by doing this is that Oceanside Blvd connects to Mission Blvd and goes for miles, and miles before allowing access to SR-76. They make you go through about 8 major malls along the way before allowing access to the road allowing quicker access through the town.

Finally, we made it! We were truly on the way.

Then I decided to get to work on the iPad but I failed to plug it in last night so the battery was only charged to 48% and that wasn’t nearly enough. So, I felt around on the floor for my DC to AC converter. I have to use that because the iPad won’t charge using the USB connection of the other nifty little gizmos I have. I don’t know why, and don’t really care, because it wouldn’t do ay good to care. Anyway, after digging around for a while I camer to the conclusion that either someone had robbed us, and taken only the converter, or I had relocated it to the rear compartment that was now under the suitcases, and about a couple hundred pounds of other “stuff”. Thankfully, Diane’s kidney’s required relief so we jumped off the freeway at Barstow to patronize a California Visitor Center. That was pretty tricky because the signs led us into a huge parking lot that was surrounded by four strip malls. We had to pull to the middle and stop so we could search for the Visitor’s Center, which we wanted because we knew they had restrooms, and found it tucked into one corner.

Before going in we opened thr back hatch and I lifted up the suitcases, and other stuff, while Diane looked in the compartment. Thankfully, the converter was there so we could relieve ourselves calmly, allowing all the urine to drain completely, unlike what would have happened had we been tensed up.

Unfortunately, plugging the converter into the power port didn’t produce any results because the insides of the plug were missing. I surmised that, since the missing parts had a threaded component, it was no doubt still in the compartment, under the suitcases. Since wer were already moving, at 86 mph, I chose to seek an alternative way to resurrect the converter.

Since Agnus has a similar configuration for the power port plug, I chose to dismantle it to see if I could make the AC converter functional. Try as I might, I could not unscrew the knurled section of Agnus’ part, so needed a tool. Fortunately, I carry a bag of computer tools with Diane’s laptop and it has a pair of needle nose pliers. Using those, I accomplished my mission. I got it apart. Now all I had to do was transfer the parts from Agnus’ power plug to the AC converter power plug and see what blew up. That took a little engineering, and the pliers again. The threaded portion from Agnus didn’t quite match the converter but I discovered that, by using the pliers, it wasn’t that difficult to force the threads into the plastic portion of the plug. So, if you ever have to do this, now you know how. It works. The only problem was that Agnus would have to function without external power for a while.

I let the AC converter propel the iPad charge up to 82%, then reassembled all the plugs to their normal configuration. Knowing the process made reversing it simple.

I’ve shared the foregoing details with you because there isn’t anything else to write about on this leg of the trip. I-15 is flanked by miles and miles of sage brush interspersed with random towns and cities which all look alike. It’s as if the towns and cities are comprised of nothing but mall, after mall, and they are all the same color as their desert surroundings.

This what it looks like most of the way …


We went through Baker which has a population of 600 peoples. Apparently they’re either having difficulty with their sewage facilities, or it just smells that way all the time. A little south of Baker is an exit for Zzyzx Road. Really. It’s named Zzyzx. I didn’t think it was legal to use words in America that don’t have vowels. Interesting. Kinda made us want to get off and see what it was all about. Maybe that’s why they named it that. Interesting.

We arrived at our destination at 4:30 pm. Diane sat in the driveway until I got checked in then I went out to get all our “stuff” and take it to the room. While I, and Randy, were loading the luggage carts Diane went inside to the restroom so she wouldn’t have to help. She returned just in time to move the vehicle to the adjacent parking lot while Randy jockeyed the carts (two of them) into the elevator and to our room. It was kinda funny going through the lobby of a Hilton hotel with boxes of food, and bags of various other “things”. It didn’t really matter, however, because we didn’t meet anyone on the way who felt the need for an explanation.

We’re on the 17th floor of Hilton’s newest condo facility in Las Vegas. It’s a renovated hotel but we don’t know what it used to be called. Doesn’t matter. It’s a very nice place. We’re happy. Our view is of the Stratosphere on the strip. This is what it looked like before the sun went down …


This what it looked about 5 minutes ago. It’s got lots of lights.


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