Day Nine – Laundry & Costco


First, did everyone turn their clocks ahead last night? If not, you’re living in the past and are probably an hour late for everything today.

Today we set around most of the day reading our books. Diane’s going crazy buying books on the Kindle, now that she knows how. I can say stuff like that because she’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t read this blog for a reason. I don’t know what the reason is but, since she doesn’t read it, I can say anything about what she does, or doesn’t do, without fear. The only thing that would ruin that for me is if one of you broke this bond of trust I’ve established with you, and casually mentioned it in a phone conversation or an email.

I got up first this morning and tippy-toed around the condo like a ninja until Diane got up. That didn’t take long because I couldn’t help myself and did a jump-kick accompanied by a fairly loud “HI YAAAA!”. I was immediately sorry for getting so into character. Next time I get up first I’ll sneak around like something more quiet. Or, just sit quietly until summoned.

After Diane arose, we made breakfast … pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It was really good, but my last meal that tastes good until I get my blood sugar down a little. It’s not overly high, but the potential is there and i need to be a good boy and eat properly. Probably getting out and exercising a little wouldn’t hurt either. Along those lines, we walked around the resort today and discovered that they have a really nice little gym at right next to our unit. Go figure.

Then we went to Costco to get some plastic containers for some of the food we have in open boxes. Like sugar and Cheerios. There may other stuff, but those are the important ones.

When we returned from Costco I carried our dirty clothes to the laundry area so Diane could wash them. It’s not that I refuse to do laundry, as if it’s a woman’s job, which it is, but rather because I’m not allowed to do laundry. That career ended when I washed one of Diane’s sweaters, dried it, then picked almost all of it out of the lint trap. So, today I just stayed out of the way doing what I was gold to do. Most notably, she showed me one of my shirts that had some spots that only she could see. We were in a rather dark room so she told me to go out in the sun and look for spots. So I did. And, I got in trouble right away because she didn’t tell me to take the shirt with me. I went back and got it, took it out in the sun, but still couldn’t see them. But, I smeared laundry soap all over the front, as directed, to ensure any possible spot was covered.


We didn’t eat supper. Actually, I don’t think we ate lunch, either. I guess that’s because we ate breakfast in place of lunch and there wasn’t enough time to eat dinner because our clocks were an hour off.

Now it’s late and time for bed. Tomorrow when we get up we’ll pack up all our stuff and head to Las Vegas. It’s been a good week.

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