Day Two – Fresno

04 March, 2012

Day Two.
The weather is brutal and I don’t know if we can take it much longer. The sun is beating down relentlessly causing blindness at times, making us fear for our lives as we dodge the continuous stream of trucks. The blindness was on Diane’s side of the vehicle because she forgot to bring her sunglasses. They were left in the PT because that’s the last vehicle she drove when the sun was shining at home. Now we’ll have to visit COSTCO to get another pair because we know they have the kind that fit her glasses perfectly. I don’t need sun glasses because when the sun shines in my eyes I just squint real hard.

I drove the first 2 hours and got us almost to Shasta Lake before our urinary tracts began to influence our decisions. That was partly caused by the need to stop in Weed. We hit a “Black Butte Coffee” drive through and got our favorite beverages. Very tasty.
The rest area we stopped at was a new on on our list. We were sure we’d stopped at every rest area on I-5, both directions, over the years we’ve been driving this highway, but never the south bound unit at Shasta Lake. We’ve seen some significant improvements at all the others we’ve visited in the past. I’ve often thought that we should write a guide book with details about all the rest stops on the highways we’ve driven. For the ones we haven’t been to, I could just make stuff up and get pictures off the internet to substantiate my false claims.

I’ve discovered that my hip doesn’t hurt nearly as bad when I don’t wear pants in the car. That’s a guess, of course, because Diane makes me wear pants in the car whether I want to or not. What I did was undo my belt. That relieved the pain so much that I can only assume taking my pants off would only be better. I was thinking that I may never know, but the temperature is 66, at 11:30 am, so I might just yank on a pair of shorts for the ride tomorrow. Actually, I’ll yank on the only pair of shorts I have. Maybe I’ll wear my swimming suit, then I can eliminate underwear, too. Diane refused to take a picture so I could show everyone how comfortable I am so you’ll just have to let your minds wander around a little. Maybe we’ll run into each other in there.

At 1:30 pm the speedometer was fixing to rotate to 50700 miles and decided to each a mini lunch to commemorate this historic milestone. That meant we were 600 miles from home and only about 10 miles from Sacramento. I’d call Sacramento Kathie but it’s Sunday and she’s probably home now. But, we’ll have and holler when we drive through town, just the same.

Lunch consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We had the bread but the peanut butter and jelly were snitched from our last motel by Diane. I was afraid they were going to call the police, but she smooth-talked them out of it claiming she has a rare disease that makes it imperative that she has fresh peanut butter handy at all times. In a pinch she can spread it on the back of her hands, like lotion, and the important nutrients will soak into her skin. What she didn’t tell them is that later in the day she lets me like it off. There’s more to that, but it’s not what you think. Perhaps I’ll forget I’m not supposed to tell you and reveal that secret.

Agnus successfully tiptoed us through Sacramento from I-5 to Highway 99 at 2:10pm. At that time, Diane said she could only drive another 62 miles on the remaining gas, but Agnus reported that we still have 155 miles to go to Fresno. It’s very possible that we’ll be stranded on the Highway for hours waiting for AAA to show up with some gas to get us to the next gas station. We’ll no doubt burn to a crisp because the temperature is 77 degrees. We feared we were doomed! Then, right out of the blue, a gas station showed up. It was at COSTCO!! How lucky was that? We spent $77.95 for 19.017 gallons of gas. That’s $4.099 a gallon. We also bought Diane a new pair of clip on sun glasses. Now she’s happy and not quit so cranky and a lot less likely to be blinded by the intense sun.

We made it to our hotel in Fresno around 5:25 pm. We would have been there sooner, perhaps by 5:15, had Diane listened to Agnus, but nooooo, she listened to me. You’ think she would learn, wouldn’t you?

After we checked in we drove across the street to Chili’s and had a very filling dinner served by a so-so waiter named Matt. Then it was back to our room and sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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