California Bound …

Well, here we go again.

We finally achieved escape velocity to leave our orbit around St. Helens and are now on our way to Medford, Oregon. The plan was to leave home at noon and we made it out that door around 1:45, right on time. In case you don’t have a map handy, Medford is pretty close to California’s northern border with the much prettier state of Oregon. It normally takes five hours to get there, but it took Diane 5 hours and 3 minutes. She lost the three minutes when she stopped for gas at the Seven Feathers Casino. That’s about 50-80 miles short of our destination, but it was a good choice

Diane’s real proud of me, she said so, because I didn’t rush her this morning, or get upset because it was taking so long to get gone. I admit, it was a severe struggle, but I did it. First time in 40 some years. I regret it’s taken me so long to have achieved such a calm point in my life. Sure makes things easier when Diane isn’t mad at me at the beginning of a long trip.

Another exciting thing, besides Diane not being mad at me, is that she only packed one (1, uno, ichi) suitcase. That meant less trips to the car for loading, and less trips at each stop to unload. That can only mean that packing extra suitcases all these years is directly related to her being mad at me for encouraging her to move along a little faster. I will never encourage her to do that again. Besides the benefit of hauling around less luggage, it’s a lot less stressful.

In preparation for this trip Diane made me vacuum her car yesterday. So, I got two Avon boxes and totally emptied it. One box was for all the “stuff” in bins and on the floor. I filled it. The other box was for the glove box. It was only half full. Diane’s job was to decide what went back in the car. She did a good job and I told her so. It’s not often that I get to assign her tasks.

It was sunny and clear most of the way. Got up to 62 degrees for a long time. An absolutely beautiful Oregon day.

We got into our room by 7 pm. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t do evening food on weekends so we had to fend for ourselves with apples and cheese.

Diane has to get a good nights sleep tonight because she has 400 miles to drive tomorrow. That will be Fresno. She has to drive all the way because I pulled a leg muscle with all that sitting today. Actually, that’s a lie. My hip and leg hurt a lot most of the time but I don’t know why because my doctor hasn’t told me. Diane said I have to make an appointment so she can do that. That’s probably not a bad idea. For now, I’ll be taking lots of ibuprofen. Lots of it.

I gotta tell you about last night … as soon as I remember what happened … oh ya, it’s about the dogs. I always take them out before we go to bed with the hope none of them will find it necessary to get creative with their need for facilities. I may have mentioned that we’ve seen coyotes in the field, but they’ve always been on the other side of the fence. Last night there was one in our side yard no doubt looking for an Ozzie snack. He was apparently hanging out by the grapes. The big dogs didn’t see it at first, and neither did I. When they did, however, both the big dogs just launched after it without making a sound. Very eerie. The coyote ran by within 30 feet of me, but doubt he saw me because our two big dogs were hot on his tail. I figured they wouldn’t be back for hours, but they returned within 10 minutes. That really surprised me. Hopefully it surprised the coyote enough that it will tell its friends that they shouldn’t mess with the big dogs at our house.

We have a cat, now, too. It lives outside in a kennel I put out for her because it was cold. She would really like to move inside, but Ziva would as soon eat her as not. They’ve visited a number of times and Ziva really wants to play, but the cat isn’t familiar with how that works so slaps and hisses at her. Makes close encounters pretty exciting.

Now I’m going to watch the rest of the Blazer game.

3 thoughts on “California Bound …

  1. Okay, I read it “all”…in my usual manner….back to front. Should have proofed along the way, will on future days. Jer named the GPS Agnus, don’t you spell it Agnes? I still think he should write a novel, don’t you?

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