A Fried Egg Sandwich & More

Greetings Earthlings. I come in pieces.

Yesterday I had a fried egg sandwich. It’s one of my favorite things to eat. That and bacon. I probably should have had bacon with this, but I hate frying it. Especially in the nude. I have to admit, cooking it that way is pretty exciting, but I got tired of explaining it to the nurse every time I visited the emergency room. You know them … make you take off all your clothes and put on one of those drafty little dresses, even for a simple scalp wound. So, I don’t do it any more. It was fun while it lasted.

I was going to say that I don’t remember what else we did yesterday, but I do! Had I said that, it would have been a lie. We went to see “Grease” at the Scappoose High School auditorium. Nice. According to the brochure, it will hold “just under 400 people.” It doesn’t say how far under, but I’m guessing it’s pretty close to that. The play was put on by the high school students and it was very good. Diane’s cousin’s daughter, Victoria, played Rizo and did an excellent job. Everyone also really like the fairy guy that sang “Beauty School Dropout” to Frenchy. Diane didn’t like that I referred to him as a “fairy guy” and said he was an angel. But he had huge butterfly wings and everyone knows angels don’t have butterfly wings. I talked with him after the play, to congratulate him, but didn’t mention anything about fairy’s. I seriously doubt he is one, and suspect he’s going to be a success at whatever he does.

Victoria is a senior and has a full ride scholarship to Portland State University in the Air Force ROTC program. I’m told that one works out to about $400K. Smart cookie. I think there’s not much doubt that she’s going to succeed, also. Did I tell you she’s gorgeous?

Today we went to the Portland Auto Show. It was in Portland. At the Convention Center, on MLK Blvd. We weren’t going to go, but our friend, Mike, works the show every year and it was an opportunity for us to see him. Unfortunately, his lovely bride, Kathie, not to be confused with the Sacramento Kathie, daughter of Gene, to whom I’m related, won’t be at the show until tomorrow so we missed seeing her. Now, I believe, we have a date to mingle on Monday. It’s difficult to do because they live all the way over in Oregon City. On the other side of I-205. It’s a hike. But, we haven’t seen them for almost 6 years, so it’s about time. We have to do that because the last time we had an opportunity to visit, they came to the house. OK, so that means it can’t be 6 years because we’ve only been in this house for only 4 years, 3 months, 2 days, 3 hours, and 67 minutes. Not as long as I thought. Before I forget, here’s Diane’s favorite car …

It’s a Fiat 500. When we lived in Italy (70-73) those things were absolutely everywhere. Little 3-cylinder things that seemed to run forever on hardly any gas. Considering that gas at that time was over $3 a gallon using very little of it was a very good thing. They were called cinquacentos (chink-qua-chentos) which, I still firmly believe, means 500 in Italian. What drew us to the little car was still un-thirsty nature. Though it now has a 4-cylinder engine, it still gets over 30mpg average. Which leads to another thing we learned … the car we have is perfectly OK … for long trips. And, we take a lot of long trips. So, we’ll keep it and, perhaps, turn the PT we have into a Fiat so we have something economical for the frequent runs to Safeway. The PT is fast, but only gets around 20mpg on a good day.

The dogs were very good during our 6 hours absence, for which we were grateful. We didn’t leave any trash cans within their reach, so I’m sure they had a very boring time.

When we got home Diane made me make potato salad for the pot luck at church tomorrow. It’s not my best, but it’s OK. As a friend once told me, about a food choice about which I wasn’t particularly fond, “it’ll make a turd,” meaning, of course, that you don’t have to like it in order for it to do what food does in your body. This friend was a USN Master Chief on one of my ships, so I had to believe him. Turns out, he’s right. He also once asked me, “Jerrie! d’ya know why you throw up when you’re stomach’s upset?” Of course I said, “No, Ed. Why?”, because I don’t always do that. “Because your belly’s fulla puke,” says Ed. So, if you’re stomach’s upset, but you don’t puke, it’s because it’s not yet full. That’s a bit of nautical knowledge everyone should know.

Time to quit … probably should have quit one paragraphs sooner, huh?

2 thoughts on “A Fried Egg Sandwich & More

  1. I think Diane looks good in Yellow….Did you do the Jeep obstacle course??? My boys went and thought that was cool. Not sure about the egg sandwich but i would try the potato salad. 🙂 Have a good week you two….Linda

  2. Thanks, Linda … yellow is her color. Didn’t do the jeeps. The line was veerrry long and didn’t want to wait in it. Looked like the Space Mountain line at Disneyland.

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