Winter is Finally Here

Here in the beautiful NW part of the USA we’ve been suffering through a very annoying heat wave. It’s been, like, 60-70 degrees every day since October making everyone wonder if we’d ever get a taste of what winter is like. Many of us, in the older segment of life, can’t remember anything about it.

That actually isn’t true (of course) because I was reviewing some old pictures on my computer and found quite a few of them with that odd white stuff. Diane told me what it was. When I first saw it, I thought it was dandruff. Really big dandruff. But, that didn’t make sense to me so I sought out Diane for clarification. She always gives me the right answer to any question I ask. And, I ask a lot of them. I’ve learned to ignore her rolling eyes that accompany some of the answers. I really have no choice but to believe everything she tells me because I have no reference as to what’s correct or not with regard to any given question. As I tell her, frequently, I ask questions because I don’t know the answer. So, who am I to question any response to my questions? Surely no one would lie to me. Would they?

I’ve learned that many of my questions are rhetorical. I didn’t know what that meant until last week. Before that, I thought people were either just ignoring me, or they didn’t know the answer. Now that I know what rhetorical means, I never expect an answer. So, when I get one, it’s special. I treasure it. Some times I write it down. When I find it, a few days later, I wonder what it means because I’ve forgotten the question for which I’m holding the answer. Very confusing. Makes my head hurt sometimes.

Today Diane and I went to the horse races at Portland Meadows. The 9th race was a memorial for Charlynn Taketa, our friend who was killed at the track when a horse kicked her. That was on August 11th, 2011. Diane, I, Vie, Tom, Linda, Jack, and Wynette joined Jerry 1 to share this moment in memory of his wife. We all joined Jerry in the winner’s circle where he was presented with a beautiful quilt made from old T-shirts he and Lynn had collected over the years. A beautiful memorial.

At the track I ate a lunch. Actually, it was a huge appetizer, because Diane made me eat a chicken sandwich on our way to the track. The appetizer consisted of 15 long, straight shrimp on a bed of succulent tater tots. All for $7.25. I should have taken a picture. Besides being amazed at the incredible price, I was mesmerized by their shape. As I said they were long and straight. All were about 3-4″ long. Where do you suppose they grow straight shrimp. Until today I thought all shrimp were curly. They were really good. They were especially good because Jerry 1 paid for them. Actually, I paid for them, but later Jerry had the waitress give me back my money. What a guy! Some of my best friends are the ones who buy me food. I just love those folks.

Diane just left to go play Bunco. She’s on a team in the St. Helens Greater Open Bunco League (SHGOBL). They play once a month, always on a Monday, and teams travel from all over the NW to participate. Once a year they hold their tournaments at our house which is why I know, for sure, that the SHGOBL isn’t about “the game”, it’s all about snacks, wine, and the chance to shriek loudly at odd times throughout the game.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with bunco, let me help you out. It’s like Yahtzee on steroids, but they only use 3 die. To begin the game, someone rings a bell. When everyone is convinced that the bell caused by the wine, or spiked snacks, one person at each of the three tables starts rolling the dice as fast as they can. Their temporary partner, across the table, keeps track of the number of 1’s rolled. When all five dice are rolled, and a 1 doesn’t show, the dice pass to the next person who also rolls as fast as they can. At some point they get tired of rolling for 1’s and progress to 2’s. When one pair isn’t rolling they are allowed to roam freely though out the facility to get wine, snacks, and to distract participants at the other two tables, if they can. Usually this is done by offering wine and snacks, which are never refused.

The game ends when either the wine & snacks are gone, or the hostess runs out of toilet paper. Regarding the latter, the hostess for any given match is limited to supply only 3 rolls of toilet paper. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The toilet paper rule was added to the tournament by laws as an effort to be conserve our natural resources, and to ensure that participants didn’t use up all the hostess’s napkins in addition to the toilet paper. All league members quickly saw this as an opportunity to use up all their cheap toilet paper during their turn as hostess. Indeed, many hostesses began buying up the half-ply toilet paper imported from the The Arctic. I think Costco sells it. You can get 185 rolls for a small goat.

Gotta quit and get my fingers back under control. They’re just going crazy here.

2 thoughts on “Winter is Finally Here

  1. Jerrie stated that the Christmas ornaments look so fine in our trees, they are staying until 2013. You know that I will have to sneak out and retreive them just to prove him wrong.

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