Hi – today I purchased a new Apple Airport Extreme to replace the Apple Time Capsule that failed while we were gadding about. I suspect I should have turned it off before we left, but it’s been running steady for the last two years and I didn’t want to have to reconfigure it. Setting up the Extreme solidified that sentiment because it’s taken me the better part of 6 hours to make it work. But I did it.

I think the extra time spent was due to the fact that I’m convinced, like most males, that using instructions is a sign of weakness. A big checkmark against my manly status. It doesn’t matter that what I’m trying to accomplish is complicated beyond belief, but it’s not supposed to be. I typically just keep pushing buttons and changing settings until all the green lights come on and it magically works. Consequently, it’s difficult for me to repeat the process without pushing all those buttons over again, should it become necessary.

But, it works. Everything in the house is wirelessly connected to the internet, and I’ve installed my new printer (another purchase today) so that it’s accessible for printing from pretty much any kind of hand held device. I’ll test that tomorrow, but I’m confident it will work. It told me it would, and I believe it.

All that’s missing now is the new 3 TB backup drive I bought (today). The old Time Capsule was a 1 TB. It’s full, but I won’t be able to access any of it until I tear it apart and pull the drive. From all the information I’ve seen on the internet there’s about a 100% chance that the power supply is fried, but the drive is good. I’ll find out and let you know how it goes.

Now, my eyes are burning from all this work and I must quit. If any of you have any sage advice as to how I can read instructions, for anything, without damage to my manly status, I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case).

Also, greetings to the one person in the United Kingdom who checked me out today.