It Must be Thanksgiving!

Considering the state of our world, I submit that all of us have something to be thankful for not only on this special day, but on every day of our lives.


I’m thankful …

  • … for my family, wherever they may be. Some are near, some are far, but they are all with me in my heart, always.
  • … for all the folks who spend their days on guard protecting us in our hospitals, on the streets, at sea, and in foreign lands. They are all special people.
  • … for those folks who wear masks when it’s necessary for us to venture outside and be in their presence.
  • … that I still have all 6 of my senses, most of the time. There are some who will argue that, sure, I have the normal five, but the 6th, common, isn’t always fully engaged. Sadly, I cannot deny that.
  • … for Norris who keeps our septic system working properly.
  • … for all those people working at Oregon gas stations who fill my tank.
  • … for all the people who stock the shelves in our grocery stores.
  • … for the farmers and ranchers who produce pretty much everything I’m allowed to eat.
  • … for my friends for putting up with me even when I can’t remember their name.
  • … for the bagel lady.
  • … for Amazon Prime so I can shop in my pajamas.
  • … for all the Utility workers who ensure all our appliances work.
  • … for our pets, all of them, even cats. They were, and are, some of my favorite people.

… to mention just a few. For those I failed to mention, please forgive me. I appreciate whatever it is that you do. Honest.

Above all, I’m thankful to God who makes all this possible.

Be safe …

6 thoughts on “It Must be Thanksgiving!

  1. Jerry you look so cute in your hat.Hope you are both doing well on this Thanksgiving Day.For me I a. staying home and having a turkey TV dinner……Could go to my brothers but I am following the orders of our Governor.  I haven’t seen them for a couple weeks so following orders.Lots of good movies on TV plus have another new book from my book club.HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!VieSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. Thanks, Vie. The kids love it. We’re staying home, too. Going out opens us up to a lot of chances to get infected. It’s not too bad here in St. Helens, but the trend is going up for chances to catch the bug. Glad you’re doing OK. Stay safe.

  3. Jerrie, your hat is prefect for the Thanksgiving holiday. Will Christmas bring a tree, or star?
    Glad to hear you and yours are staying safe. I intend to be as close to the first of the lines when regular old people get the vaccine.

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