Well, it wasn’t really a reunion, more like a visit from some of our favorite relatives. That would be Bob, Steffani, and Maryssa. Making it even better, Lydia and Jeran found their way up the hill to join the fun. Hearing all the noise up stairs, Jeff, Heather, Gilligan, Baylee, and Jerrie joined the crowd. It was a busy time in the old house for a while.

Gilligan, Jeran, Baylee, Maryssa, Lydia, Steffani’s feet, Baylee’s feet, Bob’s feet
Maryssa, Lydia, Steffani, Jerrie, Bob

Since we don’t all get together very often a discussion was had about when the last time it happened. Thanks to modern technology, someone (Maryssa, I think) resurrected an old photo that depicts the moment. I have no idea when it was taken, but it was definitely our back yard, and all the older children were still struggling toward adulthood.

Cedric, Lydia, Gilligan, Baylee, Maryssa, Jerrie, Heather (Mom of the three littles)

Having found this photo everyone thought it would be fun to recreate the photo but we could do it with 100% accuracy because Cedric is currently floating around in the Pacific Ocean on his way to Guam, his Mother’s native country. He’s on the USS Nimitz CVN-68.

So, Jeran stepped ups to fill his older brother’s shoes and we came away with this …

Jeran, Gilligan, Lydia, Baylee, Maryssa, Heather, Jerrie

It’s pretty close and will serve the purpose. I suspect Cedric will approve.


Here’s an update – Maryssa was the instigator of recreating the photo because the original was taken 8 years ago on this same day. Nifty.

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