Julia, A Notable Niece

Just a short time ago, like 30-40 minutes, I was having a fun time chatting with my niece in Connecticut. Her name is Julia and she’s not really my niece – her Grandmother is my niece. I suppose I could look up the proper placement of titles here, but I’m not going to because I’m OK with Julia being just my niece.

Julia is a dedicated Girl Scout and has been breaking records for cookie sales since joining the organization. Because of her prolific sales she was interviewed on the Today Show last March and most recently she had a meeting with Linda McMahon, the Small Business Administrator in Washington, D.C. Julia considers herself an entrepreneur and has some lofty goals for cookie next year. She told me she’s shooting for $3,000 in sales.

Julia is also a musician whose instrument is the bass violin, the really big one, taller than her. She named it Jerry. Of course I figured she had me in mind when she named it, which may have influenced some of the kind things I’ve said about her, but that’s probably not true. She said, “It just looks like a Jerry.” Perhaps it does.


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