Broken Arm, Day Four

It’s been brutal, let me tell you. Although I can’t say I know the pain Diane’s feeling, I can tell you that every time she gasps in pay, my poor little testicles get sucked right up into my abdominal cavity. It’s a very unpleasant feeling but serves to demonstrate the empathy I have for the pain she’s enduring.

What makes it worse is the cast she received yesterday. When they first put it on it was OK, but by the time we got home se said it was loose, allowing her wrist to move. So, not being able to keep it entirely immobile, it hurts all the time. She wants her splint back because at least with that she got some respite from the pain once in a while.

I suggested that we call the doctor now, and leave a message about the distress she’s in, but she’s my tough guy wife and plans to deal with it until Monday instead of interrupt her doctor’s weekend. What a gal, huh?

That’s about all I have, except the Oregon Lady Ducks beat Baylor 7-4 in the loser bracket of the WCWS and will be playing again at 10 pm Eastern Time against LSU. One more loss in the tournament and they go home. That doesn’t have anything to do with a broken arm, I know, but we both enjoy watching the girls play.

That brings me to one of my hot topics … Comcast, our cable provider, doesn’t deem it necessary to include female athletic events in the handy-dandy panel they provide for sporting events. For us, we push the “C” button on the remote (the one we can talk to) and the screen splits to show what’s currently playing on the channel we were watching, and a menu list of all current sporting events across the top: On Now (only man stuff), MLB, NBA, NHL, CFL, Soccer (men), and NASCAR.

C’mon, Comcast. This is the Women’s College World Series, from criminy sakes. How about some respect for these Ladies?

Don’t get me wrong, I like men’s sports, too, but I think it’s very unfair, maybe even sexist, to discriminate against the women in this way.

Gotta quit and get off that soap box. I’ll end with a photo of Diane’s arm just before her purple case was applied.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I certainly hope so. I don’t know how many more times I can safely retract my testicles before it causes some sort of brain damage.

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