My Lawn Mower

Just letting you all know that it was spring in our neighborhood yesterday so I mowed the lawn. All of it. Diane timed me and said it took me an hour and ten minutes. The mulching blades were still on from last summer so I could run flat-out pretty much the entire time. I did that partly because I had no idea how much gas was in the tank because the last time I filled it was in August last year, I think. So, I just cranked it up and figured when it sputtered to a halt I might be able to get another 5-6 feet of lawn mowed as it coasted to a stop. Yes, I could have gone out and got more gas but that would have made it a lot less exciting. As it turned out, there was plenty of gas.

The real upper for this evolution was the fact that the mower cranked right up without hesitation after sitting outside all winter.

I love my mower.

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