Mr. Pajama Pants

That’s apparently my new title, bestowed just this morning, as Diane & Jewel departed to visit a local optometrist to have their eyes checked.

Seems kind of contradictory, don’t you think, to call me names while on the way to have their vision checked?

But, I must add that I wear it with pride. I stay in my Lucky Charms Pajamas just as long as I can before putting on my work clothes for a trip outside so I can drench them with gallons of sweat.

Today, and the next few days, may see me in my pajamas from dawn to dusk because it’s going to be triple digit heat out there. This option has been blessed by my boss because she doesn’t want me to fade away somewhere in the yard. I think that’s because it would be too difficult to drag me up to the front of the house to meet the ambulance, even though I put a new battery in the mower and she knows how to start it.

It could also be an option because she Loves me a little.

I’ll go with that …

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