Playing in the dirt …

Remember this one ?

IMG_0461… that’s my Old Truck.

Today we had to go get more dirt from Beaver Bark but the Old Truck’s brakes are the south side of Iffy so Diane said I could take Her Truck. At first I thought she was kidding and was more than willing to take a chance with the Old Truck. Turns out, however, she apparently likes me enough to save me the danger of driving around in an Old Truck with iffy brakes and 1700 obs of dirt in the back.

So, I drove her truck. We discovered that, even though it’s a short bed, it will hold 1.5 yards of dirt and we can still get the tonneau cover locked down. Another reason I took Her Truck is because I’m pretty certain it was a bit jealous of the Old Truck and may have had something to do with the brake failure. She’s not talking, however, so we may never know.


It took a little bit of jockeying to get it lined up so the dirt could be removed from the back, but I did it. I didn’t take a picture of the loaded rig, or the new pile of dirt, but I did get one of our newly christened rock garden. It resides on top of the septic tank. I dug down to about a foot to reach the top of the tank, next to the cleanup port, so I could straighten it up. It was crooked and bothered me.

Now it looks nice. It’s the with round thing in the center of the garden.


Jewel and Diane selected the items to be included, most of which also serve as deer repellent. Jewel put things where she wanted them and I dug holes to hold them. Some came from the front of the house, like some of the Hens and Chickens that we scattered around. Turns out there are many different kinds of those things. I never knew.

I’m curious about why they are called Hens and Chickens, though. I thought hens were chickens. I asked Diane and her best answer was the Hens are the big parts and Chickens are the little ones. Jewel just calls the little ones babies.

Anyway, we have a bunch of them.

The colored flowers are supposed to help keep deer away, which is necessary here, and will be planted around the outside of the rock border as soon as we regain our strength. That may be Friday becasue we’ve had conflicting reports that it’s going to be 90+ tomorrow, but our little thermometer thing indicates it’s going to rain. Maybe it will do both. If so, I’m not going out there.

There will also be irises on the steep back side of the garden to help hold the soil in place. Those things will grow anywhere. Poke a hole, stuff a rhizome in it, cover and water, and you have irises that will never go away.

There was a hollyhock in a pot out there for a few days and a doe ate every leaf right off of it. Guess hollyhocks aren’t deer resistant.

All the rocks, by the way, used to be a fence between us and our west side neighbors, Scott, Whitney, Kiah, and Brooklyn. And Taylor. Taylor is their Georgia Dog. Scotts had her since he was 6 and he just couldn’t leave her in Georgia. She’s one of the best dogs ever.

I made that up. I have no idea how long they’ve had Taylor.

Been watching the Olympics a little in the afternoon, but am saving my best cheering for the lady’s soccer games.

Sleep well and be safe.

One thought on “Playing in the dirt …

  1. We’ve always called those little plants Hens and Chicks, which may better explain their name – big ones are hens and little ones are chicks.

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