4/20 isn’t just for Stoners …


Yesterday Diane and I celebrated the completion of our 48th year of wedded bliss. It’s been an incredible journey, so far, filled with some sad times, scary times, adventurous times, and most of all, happy times. I’m a lucky guy. As long as I’m with my bride, I’m convinced that nothing is impossible. I tell her frequently that she has the best husband in the entire world and she always agrees. But, I only say that, when I’ve done something good.  When she’s searching for band aids, or driving me to the emergency room for another new nick, or ding, I’ve learned that pointing out what a great husband I am is met with disdain.

Over the years I’ve conditioned her to expect some exciting injuries to the point where I think she no longer questions her sanity for voluntarily joining in this adventure.  We’ve weathered much together and we have lots more to do.

Our anniversary gifts to each other this year were bicycles and a promise to use them frequently. I got them all put together (they came in a box) without mishap for which we were both thankful. Then, while cutting the plastic tie wraps from our helmets, I managed to stab my left thumb with a box knife. The puncture is about 1/4″ deep and went under the thumbnail. Considering how badly it hurt when it happened, I’m pleased to announce that it didn’t affect my golf game one bit. I still golf just as bad as I used do.

After wishing us a Happy Anniversary, our son, Jeff, pointed out that Diane and I were married on most stoners favorite day – 4/20. It’s nice to be recognized for choosing such a popular day but I cannot take credit for it. Diane chose the day because our birthdays are both on the 20th of our respective months and she thought getting married on the 20th would help me remember it. So far it’s worked nicely.

Now it’s bed time.

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