Bargain of the day!

I just got my daily email from Costco that lists all the great deals available to me. Here’s my favorite so far …. Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Roast … a deal at $109.10 a pound, with each roast weighing a minimum of 11 lbs, making this roast ring up at $1499.99, including shipping.

BUT! Since I’m a valued Costco customer, I get $300 off making it a mere $1199.99.

I’m sorry, but I bet I could buy an entire cow for that much. Might not be in the best shape, but a little ketchup makes it all tastes the same to me.

I’m wondering about the boneless part of this. Maybe these animals were genetically engineered to omit bones from their structure since they probably don’t walk around much. That way the growers could squeeze 3 or 4 of them into a feeding space meant for one that has bones. That might not work, though, because they’d have to have bones in their heads or they wouldn’t be able to chew their food. But, if they eliminated head bones and just fed them with giant IV’s, they could just lay them flat on the ground like a rug.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not an advocate of raising flat steers, no matter how good the meat might be. No sir. I’ll stick to steaks that have the bone in.

That’s probably all I should say right now.

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