Jennifer Lynn is 40

I already shared a bit about Jennifer turning 40, but it bears repeating. Especially since she’s a Happy 40. That, and we had a family party after church yesterday to celebrated just one more time.

We did it at Fultanos in Scappoose and almost the entire gang was there.

Here’s proof …


Left to right we have … Baylee, Daniel, Diane, Jeran, Jean, Cedric, Jeff, Jennifer, Gilligan, Lydia, and Mason. Jerrie took the photo, like normal.

The cake was made with cupcakes and was expertly decorated by a couple of people who don’t decorate many cakes. It was a challenge but all the little red-hot candies saved the day. Jennie really like those little red-hot candies.DSC_4744

There were only 4 candles because the baker figured that, since they were extra tall, they really each counted as 10 normal candles. Plus, there was a question about whether or not the new 40-years-old could muster up enough wind to blow out 40 candles. She did really good with the 4 provided.DSC_4751

We ate pizza, cheddar cheese fries with bacon, and lots of soda, lemonade, and water. It was a really good day.

We really, really love our daughter and are tremendously proud of the Lady she’s grown to be.

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