Gilligan Nicole Lynn Cate & Mason

Today Gilligan turned 8-years-old.  Seems like just yesterday this was her …


100_1969… and here she is just a couple of years later.


She’s having a great time in school and doing great. We had her party yesterday and she got to choose the meal. So, we had breakfast … eggs, bacon, and french toast. Pretty simple stuff.  Because it was Sunday, and Gramma Diane is a Lutheran, she tossed in an egg casserole. It was really good.

On another note, Lydia found this guy hanging around their house and brought him to the party. His name is Mason and he’s a varsity football player. He’s one of the really good guys. It’s good to be 16.


Actually, Lydia didn’t find him hanging around their house. He went to church with the family yesterday so was in the vicinity legally. We’ve met him previously by were all very happy to see him again.

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