Old Age Check Points

I went to my monthly American Legion meeting tonight and received confirmation that I am officially old. It was brought to my attention when I was introduced to a new member who is also a retired Navy Senior Chief who spent 21 years in the service. He joined in 1990. I retired from the Navy in 1989 after a 26+ year career.

Yes, I already suspected I was old, but it was easy to ignore because there were no reference points to consider, until tonight. Well, maybe they were there and I just failed to see them.

Now that I’m aware I’m old, I must modify my behavior and act like a grown up, I suspect. That will make Diane happy because she’s been trying to modify my behavior in that direction for the last 47 years.

I think I’ll get over this little bit of depression I’m experiencing, but it might take a while.

Like all night.

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